OK - Here Goes - My Update

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby suzanne » Thu Mar 18, 2004 04:32 am

Hello, Suzanna, I'm very excited you are having a girl and that your BP was so good! I will pray that the cysts resolve, as I am sure they will. Will be thinking of you.

Suzanne (38) and DH Tony (42) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby pugmommy7 » Wed Mar 17, 2004 07:51 pm

Well you can count me in for some good prayers!
Congrats on the girl!!! I love my little girls- so wonderful!!
(I hope that the other stuff gets straightened out all on it's own.)
Love, Jennifer

Mama to Bella,1/02/03, born 33 and 5/7 weeks at 3 lbs,6oz.Pre-E and PIH,& HELLP.
Babygirl #2,EDD 6/24/04

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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby mada » Wed Mar 17, 2004 02:24 pm

HI Suz!! I knew it!! I just knew you would have a girl!! I pray that the cysts disapear as the doc excpects!! Goodluck at the u/s and peri appt. Let us know how it goes!!!! Hugs!!!

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby paljane8 » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:53 am

Oh, I am so sorry. That really shakes you up when they find something out of the ordinary. Scott's kidney and heart issues showed up on an u/s. We went in so excited to find out the sex of the baby and came out in utter disbelief! It is encouraging what Therese said and I hope the same happens for your daughter. How exciting to have another girl! You are in my prayers as well.

Nancy Eastwood
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ds-8yrs, dd-7yrs
Scott-4yrs (PE)
Janie-5/12/03 (PIH, oligo and low blood flow)

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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby twolfgram » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:45 am

Congrats on the little girl! My niece had those cysts, too. They resolved on their own and she was born past her due date perfectly healthy. I'm not sure how many US my s-i-l had to have, I want to say monthly. Good luck with that!!

Therese Mom to
Jonathan - born 10/4/95 at 28 weeks due to HELLP
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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby amandab » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:35 am

Yea!! A girl! We think we are having a girl too!

I'm so sorry about the cysts. I'm sure this hit you very hard. I hope they resolve themselves.

I will be praying for you and your little girl!

Amanda (28)
Hubby (28)
~i~ Aidan Timothy - 4/14/03, pre-e and abruption
Expecting again!!!
EDD 6/13/04

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julie f
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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby julie f » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:25 am

Oh Suzanna, a girl![:D] I got instant goosebumps when I read that.

You and your new baby girl are in my prayers and my thoughts.

Julie (27)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

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Re : OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby angelkat » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:25 am

I'm so glad your BP is doing good!!!... I will keep you and little peanut in my thoughts and prayers....

WOW a girl.... Any names yet?


Mommy to
Ky (11)
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OK - Here Goes - My Update

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:04 am

Hello ladies!
I had my ultrasound today and everything looked fine. Our baby is a GIRL!!! I am beside myself. There was only one issue with her brain. She has what is called choroid plexus cysts. There are no other physical abnormalities associating this to a chormosomal problem so they will more than likely resolve and dissapear between weeks 24 - 29. Of course I was very upset because it brought up so many emotions from when we found out Chloe was sick. But, we are hopeful and ask for prayer from anyone. I will keep you all updated as we know more. We are going for a level II ultrasound and meeting with a peri within the next week or so. I am assuming it is a waiting game to see if they go away.

Good news - my blood pressure was 134/74.

Thanks to all of you and I will be in touch.

DS 3/25/95
DD 10/26/01 stillbirth
DS 12/30/02
AND ~ Peanut edd 8/6/04(It will be July)

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