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Re : Thinking about pregnancy after postpart p/e

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2004 01:15 pm
by mada
Hi Jenny,
Wow what a scary time that must have been for you. It sounds to me like you did have post pardum pre-e. My suggestion to you and to your husband would be to have a consult with a perinatologist. These are high risk ob's who would be a ble to answer a lot of questions and maybe help your husband with his fear. They can also perform several tests to find out if you have any issues that may have played part in your pre-e. Ie. clottting disorders, immune issues....There is a list of peri's who specialize in hypertensive preganacies at ...I hope this helps and goodluck with everything..Let us know how you are doing[:)]

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

Thinking about pregnancy after postpart p/e

Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2004 01:09 pm
by myboyz801
This is my first time posting so bear with me... depending on which dr. you speak to --- the ER dr. or my OB -- 6 days after delivery I was, by the grace of god, back at the hospital only because my baby had severe jaundice and was admitted. Early that day I had noticed that I was swollen and we joked about it because I don't normally swell especially after the pregnancy. Like I said luckily my baby was re-admit for billi lights and at 12am I was trapped in his hospital room. unable to move or speak but still had enough sense that something was deparetly wrong...his nurse came in and I looked at her and pointed to my feet she said not good took b/p 195/110 and then took a scary ride down the elevator to the er where full trama procedure took place. After mega dose of mag. and additional bag or mag 12 hours later I was released from hospital with ooo's and aaaah's of how lucky I was to be at the hospital otherwise things could have been dramatically different. Then my OB says he's not convinced that it was post part. p/e so needless to say very confused. My husband is terrified that I would like to have another baby. My current gyn says he sure it was p/e and should be very carefull about another pregnancy --- anyone out there with similar situation or words or advise?


Eureka Missouri