informal pg again poll

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby akemt » Thu Mar 25, 2004 09:44 am

Thanks for answering everyone! It looks like I'm in about the same boat as Laura and Erin so far. Like everyone else here I'm just wishing I knew what was going to happen. I feel like at this point I'm right to expect the hypertension with the way my BP has been acting.

Here's what is going on with me in case you want to know (and mostly because I want to tell [;)]):

Last pg's history- I had swelling early on and started seeing symptoms (with some labile but ignored BP's) about a month before my diagnosis at around 28/29 weeks. My BP's remained labile for a long time and around 35-36 weeks they started just staying high even while on "can't sit up" bedrest and I had my dd right at 37 weeks after a lengthy induction. I was put on bp meds after delivery but I do not remember when or for how long.

This pregnancy- My baseline started out at about 100's/60's and has slowly gone up to the 120's/70's in the mornings and 120's/80's in the evenings now when it should have been at it's lowest. My pulse is consistantly in the 100's while resting. My proteinuria has been at a trace for the past two months (still normal I know, just interesting). I've had about 4 BP spikes for no known reason (wasn't after activity, wasn't anxious, etc). The past few days I have taken my BP 2-3 times in the afternoon/early evening when Emma takes her naps. They are as follows:

March 23
142/88 p 126
120/70 1 108

March 24
132/70 p 114
138/76 p 135

I have not called them in just yet...wanting to see a bit more of a hypertensive trend since I do not think they could diagnose yet. Luckily my doctor agrees that I am at increased risk because of the previously mentioned things and even asked if I wanted 2 wk apt's already at 20 wks pg. I think I might take her up on that sooner than I had expected.

I was just wondering if the expectation to continue towards hypertension is valid since I feel so but still get the "you're not going to get it again" stuff from family, well...mostly my mother [:I]. Funny how much pull mothers can still have. lol

Sorry it got so long and thankyou again!

Catherine (22), Moderator (pregnant again)
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Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby evansmom » Thu Mar 25, 2004 08:21 am

Preg #1 - BP went up around week 25(135/85), then PIH @ week 29 (170/100)
Current Preg (24 wks) - BPs fairly stable through out/no significant rise (on aldomet 500mg BID since wk. 15, on atenolol prior)

Preg # 1 - BPs all over the place, even on meds and bedrest
Preg # 2- so far, stable

Preg # 1 - PIH diagnosis changed to Chronic Hypertension, no true PE
Preg # 2 - So far, no superimposed PE -- praying it stays that way!!!

Lauren 27
DH Jeff
Evan 12-9-01 (PIH @ 29 weeks)
EDD 7-11-04

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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby lauras » Thu Mar 25, 2004 05:00 am

My non-prego BP is usually 90/60. With Isabella my first OB appt was at 9 wks and my BP was 120/80. It stayed right there until 28 wks when it was 150/90.

This time, my 6 wk appt BP was 98/68. From 8 wks to 14 wks it ranged from 126/82 to 136/88. My 16 wk BP was 120/80. I really don't like any of the readings after 8 wks but was glad it was lower at 16 wks. I still have this really strong feeling of impending doom that I just can't shake. I guess that goes with the territory.

Laura 32
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby tahoe4 » Wed Mar 24, 2004 07:23 am

I am currently 28 weeks prego with my second. I did not see an increase in bp around 16-20 weeks. Normally my bp is around 90's/50's, but I'm starting to get readings a little higher than that. Over the weekend I had one reading that was 128/62, which is high for me. Also, this week all of my readings have been in the 110's/60's so I'm starting to see a gradual increase, but no huge spikes yet.

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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby barbra » Wed Mar 24, 2004 07:08 am

Preg #1: PIH @ 35 wks
Preg #2: Severe pe @ 36 wks
Preg #3: PIH @ 20 wks. Currently at 27 wks and BP has stabilized on meds. No known BP spikes with any preg.


Luke 7-17-98 PIH
Caylee 3-25-02 Severe Pre
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby mada » Wed Mar 24, 2004 06:31 am

Bella's mommy (I love LOVE that name!!!),
I went all the way to 39 weeks and 4 days!!! I was like....Get out of there already[:D] Ben was 7lbs. 2 oz. and 20.5 inches long!!! Huge baby!!! I hope you go that long too!!!

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby angelkat » Wed Mar 24, 2004 04:40 am

I'm currently pregnant after a battle with PE. I have HTN to begin with so it just makes it's harder for me. WIth this preg so far around the 10th week is when I started to notice my BP rising, but after a mediciation change all is better. I'm starting on my drop at 15 weeks and I hope and pray that it cont thru out the preg (hopeful wishing and praying!!)

Good luck to you...


Mommy to
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby pugmommy7 » Tue Mar 23, 2004 08:10 pm

Mada, did you get to 40 weeks w/ your second baby?
(You know, I think of you all the time when I am hoping that this preg will be pre-e free:)

Mama to Bella,1/02/03, born 33 and 5/7 weeks at 3 lbs,6oz.Pre-E and PIH,& HELLP.
Babygirl #2,EDD 6/24/04

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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby meg » Tue Mar 23, 2004 05:57 pm

To be honest, I never paid a whole lot of attention to the readings since they were not hypertensive. I never had a hypertensive reading the whole 2nd pregnancy and so never really paid attention to if they fluctuated at all.
I never developed any hypertensive BP's or even a trace of protein the whole time. Perfectly normal pregnancy![:D]

Will 2-6-00 ( PE at 35 weeks)
Elizabeth 7-3-01 ( NO PE)
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Re : informal pg again poll

Postby mada » Tue Mar 23, 2004 04:56 pm

I actually did see some higher readings with Ben between 20-24 weeks..from like 118/76 to 130/84. They then dropped and then around 36 weeks they were upa little again. I was never diagnosed with pe the second time around. I don't think I had it but I might have been sort of borderline as during labor my bp was up to 140/90 with +1 protien but it was completely resolved after delivery[:)]

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

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