glucose concerns (update) :)

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
emersons mom
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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby emersons mom » Tue Jan 25, 638287 11:49 am

congrats!!! here is to 10 more weeks of good visits!!!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby mommy1st » Mon Jan 24, 638287 7:15 pm

Congrats. on passing the glucose test, woo hooo!!!! I hope your appt.s continue to be this good, stay away PE!!!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby heather100 » Mon Jan 24, 638287 7:14 pm

WAHOOOO!! I'm so glad you passed the 3 hours!! I had a feeling you would!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby sonja » Mon Jan 24, 638287 5:32 pm

The 3 hour test was the worst experience of my first pregnancy. (See - I didn't tell you this before the test). I didn't know that being nausious was a good sign - had I known that I might have been a bit more excited about it during the test.

I am glad that all is going well.

Take care.

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby kara » Mon Jan 24, 638287 2:50 pm

YAY AMY!! COngrats on passing the dreaded 3 hour GTT!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby kezt777 » Thu Jan 13, 638287 12:13 am

yeah that might have had an effect, its hard to say. i was told to definately not fast for the 1 hour, that i only wasnt allowed to eat or drink (other than a bit of water) after starting the one hour test. good luck tomorrow!!! i had to do the 3 hour one once and it wasnt exactly fun! hope it all goes well!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby celticepona » Sun Jan 02, 638287 10:04 pm

Thanks ladies. Tomorrow is the test. I am hoping that my one hour was off because I fasted for it and I guess you are not supposed to? We will see. Now if I can survive tomorrow with my nausea...that will be fun. Here we go!

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby blznbec » Sun Jan 02, 638287 9:08 am

I failed both my 1 hour and 3 hour, but only had GD for a week before having my emergency c-section. There was a debate between the dietitian and my doctor about my GD, because I was diagnosed when I was 30 1/2 weeks pregnant and was very sick from pre-e at the time, although had not been diagnosed by my doctor...he said I was fat and need to slow my eating down (true story). I did the glucose test at 10 weeks with this pregnancy and had a good baseline that did not indicate I would get GD this time around. My doctor is taking zero chances this time around (she is the one who did my emergency c-section), so I have complete faith I will be fine. I am worried about a strict diet, because I am a picky eater and it was difficult for a week, besides 10 weeks or longer!

Good luck.

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jamie w
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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby jamie w » Sun Jan 02, 638287 8:03 am

I failed my one hour and 3 hour as well as having pre-e that was diagnosed at about 25 weeks. We tried diet control and I went into ketosis and did not do well so I ended up on insulin. It was not all that bad. About 3 days or so after delivery my glucose was back to normal. I have to say that pre-e was much worse/harder to deal with than the GD. At least with GD I had some control over my sugars by what I ate but with pre-e, I had no control. The GD actually helped in my case as far as the baby was concerned because the baby had IUGR and the GD helped her to get a little bigger. I hope you pass your 3 hour with flying colors!! If you have any questions, let me know.

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Re : glucose concerns (update) :)

Postby mom29 » Sat Jan 01, 638287 3:47 pm

I've failed the one hour test and passed the three hour test with previous pregnancies so it is wise not to jump to conclusions until after the 3 hour results are in. Definately have a snack waiting for you in the car and go straight home to eat afterwards. I was going to go grocery shopping because I felt fine, but the lab tech. convinced me to go home and eat. I was halfway through lunch when I started to feel dizzy and like I was going to faint. Had to go lay down for awhile until I felt better.

Right now, I am not having any symptoms of pe so the gestational diabetes is the only monkey wrench in the pregnancy. My MFM dr. said 39 weeks is optimal for delivery since lung maturity in babies whose mothers have gd is slow to develop. He also said that pe tends to produce smaller babies and gd tends to produce bigger babies so hopefully it would balance out with my baby. I had done some reading on gd before seeing the MFM so most of what he said was not new to me. He did tell me a few things that surprised me. For example, even if a mom with gd has stable blood sugars the babies tend to gain weight differently than babies whose mothers do not have gd. They tend to put the weight on around their chest and shoulder area.
If you do have gd, don't be surprised if the nutritionist tells you to consume around 175 grams of carbs a day. I wasn't having any success with that amount of carbs. and it took a few other mothers who low carb. who gave me much better advice to get my blood sugar under control. Though lately it is going back up, but at least I've been able to avoid insulin for the last two months. The 4x's a day blood sugar testing is not a big deal, it's just a small finger stick. Let us know how your 3 hour test turns out.

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