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Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 638289 8:45 pm
by kezt777
is Aldomet methyldopa? i can never remember but i think thats what my doc called it one time. im on 1000mg a day right now but i was on 2000mg with my second child and i have no idea how i was able to walk around and function like that! or maybe because i didnt have to work at that time, it wasnt so bad and i could take lots of naps?? lol. i dont know... but right now i cant imagine having to double either of my meds to those levels! i would just fall over, i think.

Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Fri May 31, 638289 3:50 pm
by patty
Glad you are hanging in there and that you are going to be followed by high risk docs. I know what you mean about the meds making you tired. When I was on aldomet I was sleepy all the time.

Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 638287 7:10 pm
by kezt777
lol thanks :)

the appt went well - my bp was NORMAL 120/80.. i nearly fainted lol. no protein showed up but they gave me a cup to bring in a morning sample next time because i mentioned how it never fails that when i do the test at the clinic, my urine is almost clear as day but at home its dark. so they want me to bring them in from now on as well as doing a test at the clinic itself.

their concern was with the swelling. my eyelids were both still swollen and purple which was 5 hours or so after i woke up. not really really swollen like this morning but the doc could see it must have been bad because my eyelids were purple like i had been crying for hours on end or something.

so..... i am being transferred to the High Risk clinic! yay! not that i want to be high risk but i feel better to have a specialist on board just in case. my 24 hour urines have come back good, my BP is remaining mostly good on meds, etc... but you just never know whats going to happen. she said the high risk clinic is not very busy right now, not very many patients, so i should be able to get appts with them more often too. as it is right now, i cant see my doc more than every 3 weeks cos he is so booked, and its about every 2 weeks for the maternity clinic... so the high risk guys should be faster and better for time slots. thats good.

i only gained 2 lbs in the last two weeks which is nice as well. i was a bit worried because my legs have been swelling up no matter what i do and still swollen in the morning, but at least i didnt gain a whole bunch this time.

so now we will take it from there. i was just glad not to have to up my medicine again because it seems to be making me SO tired i can barely make it to the end of the day without slurring and falling asleep at work! its so embarrassing. so at least i can keep this dose for awhile :)

Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 638287 2:23 am
by hhbeachgurl
Hope your appointment goes well. My face never pitted but did swell up a ton. Ad yea!!!! for the money shot LOL

Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 638287 8:08 pm
by sonja
A good suggestion is to write down everything that you want to ask/mention to your doctor. It is so easy to forget, especially when you are being rushed, which seems to happen often.

I am glad that your ultrasound went well.

Take care.

Re : 31 week ultrasound

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 638287 5:54 pm
by heather100
I'm glad the u/s went so good and he's still a boy! I hope your BP is ok at your appt. The swelling thing can be so scary. Hopefully it's just normal pregnancy swelling and not pre-e related.

Keep us posted!

31 week ultrasound

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 638287 5:38 pm
by kezt777
I had an ultrasound yesterday and the cord and placenta all look good, which is great news of course. i havent had a problem with the other two kiddos but its always nice to be sure.

the baby showed us that he is for sure a boy tho,, no real mistaking THAT view haha. daddy was proud (rolling my eyes lol). so now i guess i can walk around saying 'boy' and not follow it up with 'maybe' lol. i wasnt convinced at the last u/s in dec, but i am this time.

he is measuring a week behind schedule but he was moving so much, it was hard to tell. mostly its because of his leg length but his dad has short legs (despite being 6 feet tall lol), so the tech wasnt concerned. everything else looks right on par, head tummy, etc. we could see a little fuzzy hair around the skull too so that was cute :)

i have an appt this morning with the maternity clinic tho so i will update again later to see how the BP and such is doing. i have felt like such total crud lately and definately swelling more, including my face :( so all that will be mentioned to the OB. when i woke up this morning, after sleeping all night on my side, my face actually FELT heavy like i could feel the fluid there. its not pitting,,, not sure if the face really pits or not, but i wasnt impressed with how it felt around my eyes and nose. otherwise the swelling is in my legs and hands (one finger will swell, one leg will become monstrous, etc).

**just updating with a scan link :) ** ... ost=family