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Re : Heather100

Postby cindergretta » Sun Jul 28, 638289 5:18 am

Congratulations!!!!!! (Stay away bronchitis!!) Enjoy your babymoon with that adorable dolly!!!! (Love the big sister pic!)

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Re : Heather100

Postby kathyc » Sun Jul 28, 638289 5:17 am

Congratulations!! So glad you are both safe and sound. He' so adorable. The picture of Paige kissing his head is just priceless.

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Re : Heather100

Postby Guest » Sun Jul 28, 638289 4:51 am


CONGRATS on having Luke!!! I must say that you have such a beautiful family - how wonderful. Children are SUCH an enormous blessing from above.

I wish you and your family health, wealth and happiness!! [:)]

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Re : Heather100

Postby mom2angel » Sun Jul 28, 638289 4:48 am

He is such a cutie ...[8D] Congratulations!

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Re : Heather100

Postby onesock » Sun Jul 28, 638289 1:40 am

What a sweet honey!! Have fun and enjoy him :)

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Re : Heather100

Postby misscoleyp » Sun Jul 28, 638289 1:37 am

Look at those checks!!! Glad to hear everyone is home and doing great!

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Re : Heather100

Postby heather100 » Sun Jul 28, 638289 12:23 am

I'm kinda back in the real world... I suppose! Thank you all for your well wishes!!! We got home yesterday. I guess most ppl stay 4-5 days with a c-sec but I was ready to go and OB said I was fine. Feels good to be home.

Luke arrived safe and sound. It was an AWESOME experience. DH held him just after they did his 5 minute APGAR and suctioned him out. Then, they laid him on me and I held him. It was so cool! We went to recovery and it only took about 1 and 1/2 hours for me to feel my legs. But, apparently, there were no rooms. So, I had to stay in recovery for 5 freakin' hours. That really stinked. Esp since Paige couldn't come in there and I couldn't leave there. So, DH and a nurse wheeled Luke out to meet Paige. Kinda sad that I didn't get to see her first reaction but everyone took pictures. They said she said, "I wanna hold him and take him home now!!" It sounded cute!

He is a nursing champ and nursed right away in recovery. His latch is great and my milk came in yesterday... OUCH!!! ;) He is definitely a night babe and is up every hour to nurse at night and will not let me put him down when he's done so he sleeps on my chest. During the day, though, he's pretty content to be put down and nurse every 2-3 hours. Pretty normal things I do think!!

I'm still a bit sick. The nurse at the hospital said I have bronchitis. Nice, huh? Esp with a huge abdominal incision. The pain from coughing is horrible to say the least. But... I'm dealing and really focusing on how happy I am to have Luke with me.

We are all so in love with this sweet little guy. Here's some pics.

http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/ ... 00/1-7.jpg
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/ ... rth007.jpg
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/ ... h014-1.jpg
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/ ... rth036.jpg

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Re : Heather100

Postby jenanderson » Thu Jul 04, 638289 10:57 am

Adding my well wishes too! Hope to hear a great update soon!

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Re : Heather100

Postby mom2tori » Wed Jul 03, 638289 10:10 pm

Sending many good, healthy baby thoughts your way Heather!

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Re : Heather100

Postby mommy1st » Sun Jun 23, 638289 4:52 pm

Yes, thinking of you Heather!:))

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