24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby celticepona » Sat Aug 31, 638289 8:00 pm

Kelly, your post made me smile. :) It's amazing how curious little munckins are! LOL. I did mine a couple of weeks ago, Emmy found my orange jug in the back of my car and she held it up and said "Mommy, this is for your pee-pee go potty?" It's amazing how fast they pick up on things. :)

kelly w
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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby kelly w » Mon Aug 19, 638289 1:32 pm

LOL! Sonja, I absolutely meant it to be funny - if we don't laugh at this stuff how will we remain sane?! [;)]

I often feel like I live in a comedy routine. [:D]


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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby sonja » Mon Aug 19, 638289 5:32 am

Okay - I know that you didn't mean this to be funny - but I can just picture the comedy!

Glad that you are done and can pee normally.

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby melissaparsons » Sun Aug 18, 638289 11:11 pm

I can sympathize right now. I'm doing one right now actually. I only have one child to contend with, though. The little girl I babysit during the week isn't here for this ordeal. So far, so good, with my 2-year old little boy. I try to get him to go to the potty now, so he doesn't follow me in there as much (he's avoiding the whole potty training idea).

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby blythe » Fri Aug 09, 638289 2:58 am

Oh, Kelly! I can't even imagine! As it is, I have trouble keeping #2 out of the toilet - he thinks he can wash his hands in it...

I'm glad your new docs are running the baseline tests!!!

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby pacaypaco » Fri Aug 09, 638289 12:32 am

quote:Originally posted by Kelly W

I need to vent for just a sec - I had to do a 24 hour urine over the last two days just as a "baseline" so they have something to compare to later on if things get dicey.

Can I just say how NOT fun it is trying to complete such an endeavor while surrounded by 5 young kids?! I got SOOOO sick of trying to explain WHY I had a jug of pee sitting in the bathroom, trying to keep the little bitties OUT of the jug of pee [who knew such a thing was so exciting?! LOL!], and just trying to collect it and store it and keep it iced while keeping little kids AWAY! [Cause we all know that no mother of little kids is allowed to go pee BY HERSELF!!!!]

Whew. I've never been so glad to drop off a jug of pee and be done with it in my life LOL! [:D]


Just be glad if they don't lose it! I went through the whole thing (the second time) waiting for diagnosis, and they LOST my 24 hour urine!!!!!!! Good luck to you!

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby cindergretta » Thu Aug 08, 638289 8:55 pm

We have a bathroom in our bedroom and the toilet/shower part is actually separate from the "main" part of the bathroom. And there is a little cupboard in there. So I put the ice chest in the shower stall and the "hat" in the cupboard. No one would see it and thus be curious, right? WRONG!!!!!! Out came my 4 y/o ds with the "hat" ON HIS HEAD!!!!!!! [xx(]

Things are SUCH fun with wee ones around! <giggle>

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby patty » Thu Aug 08, 638289 6:38 pm

Kids are so funny. The last one I did the beginning of this pregnancy my 9 year old refused to drink anything out of the refidgerator because of the big orange jug of pee in there lol.

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby kezt777 » Thu Aug 08, 638289 6:20 pm

haha awwwww :) kids are so funny tho! my first one had to be done at work,,, i work in a daycare,,, so i had 21 little kids asking me why i had an orange jug in the fridge, then why i was taking it to the potty with me. i had to be careful how i answered them in case they went home and took their apple juice jug to the bathroom and tried to pee in it haha. i would have some questions from parents if that happened! so i would try to sneak it in but every time, someone would see me. when i did the next one, it was at home and my 5 yr old was totally intrigued and had to know all about it and why why why. she asked some very embarrassing questions and then would giggle hysterically while running away. i told her to watch it cos one day SHE could end up having to do one too lol.

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Re : 24 hour urine and 5 little kids! ARGH!

Postby kara » Thu Aug 08, 638289 3:37 pm

I'm picturing it now! I dunno how you do it Kelly! I have one little kiddoo that always follows me to the bathroom...and keeping up with her somedays seems about all I can handle! Can't wait for the next 24 hour urine...I'll probably be in the same boat! Good luck!

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