Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby isabella » Sun Jun 25, 638305 3:17 am

I also think is totally appropriate. I have gone to baby showers for ladies with their 2nd, 2rd and ever 4th baby. Enjoy your baby shower.

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby kteacher » Sun Jun 25, 638305 1:28 am

Things have changed since your mom and friends had babies. We always throw showers for any baby....ALL our babies are special, not just the first one. I just threw one for a friend who is on her 4th baby!!! As long as you are not the one planning it I wouldn't worry. People are going to buy you stuff anyway...might as well have a party for it! Those people who do think it is tacky, will get over it. I may not register or anything though? I live in Alabama and that's what we do around here!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby aundapenner » Sat Jun 24, 638305 12:40 am

Holly - this is exactly where I love this board. We're all such intelligent, heartful women, with such diverse backgrounds that you're always likely to find comfort in whatever you're looking for.

With that being said, do whatever you want! Have a shower! Have a sprinkle (I love that idea Crystal!)! Have whatever!

Celebrate mommyness and babyness!

And just a side note about our mother's generation: I've been married now 7 years. When DH and I registered, my mom was horrified by what I put on my registry - that I even HAD a registry. She was used to the registry being a piece of paper with a list of rooms and colors used to decorate the rooms. No specifics, just broad generalizations. (Does anyone else remember those type of showers??)

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby mrs.spit » Tue Jun 13, 638305 2:25 pm

I think it's a bit much when you have had 3 healthy babies, with showers for each of them. Really, what do you need. Certainly, have something that people can come and see the babe, and I would expect that most people would bring a gift (I would), but I don't think I would call it a shower, per se.

Having said that, in your case, certainly have a baby shower. I think you are entitled to one.

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby summerw77 » Tue Jun 13, 638305 9:24 am

OMG what a stupid rule! I am throwing a shwoer for my cousin's 3rd baby right now! LOL. PARTY ON! Why would only a 1st baby deserve a shower that's silly!

for faith
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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby for faith » Tue Jun 13, 638305 8:59 am

Just to add - I know so, so many people who have had showers for every baby. You and you little one definitely deserve one, even more so when you missed one with your first. Enjoy!!!!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby kelly w » Tue Jun 13, 638305 8:09 am

I had a shower with my second - we called it a "Baby Blessing" and it was great. We didn't do gifts, just girl time to celebrate.

Personally I think EVERY baby should be celebrated, though we haven't gotten to celebrate any of our others except for #2... LOL!

I have thrown showers for 4th and 5th babies for others though and they were great. Everyone had such a good time!

I think you should have the party and if you feel weird about gifts [I wouldn't since you MISSED your first one anyway!], I would just put on the invitations "No gifts please" or have the friend tell people only something really small.

Its not about the gifts - it is about celebrating your awesome new little person!!!! :)


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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby annoited » Tue Jun 13, 638305 5:52 am

Kindly enjoy your shower or... It should be your time of rejoicing and most def please feel like a normal person. You can even tell your friend everything you desire to have at the shower. You have every reason to celebrate and be happy....

Have Fun!!!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby denise » Mon Jun 12, 638305 9:00 pm

I had a shower with Phoenix, and threw my cousin one with her second baby. I am firmly in the camp that each child should be celebrated and have some new things. I don't go along with the whole pink/blue theme however, so I requested a luau for his shower. They had tons of luau themed decor, we had grilled chicken on a stick, fresh fruit, leis for everyone, it was a blast. I honestly enjoyed it more than Ariana's shower which was much more formal and "shower-like." But I was also sick with her at the time, just didn't know it yet.

Enjoy yourself!!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby panguitch02 » Mon Jun 12, 638305 8:54 pm

People don't follow that "old rule" about the baby shower being for the 1st baby only anymore. I think it especially ok if you missed your shower, long time between births, different gender baby.

Jameson was supposed be be born 5 weeks after by baby shower, but we ended up having it the same date, but Jameson was already in the NICU.

Next time, I am going to have a shower while pregnant!!!!

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