Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby jkaay » Fri Jun 02, 638305 8:53 am

I think a party to celebrate a new little person is always appropriate! Who makes up all these rules anyway? ENJOY!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby mnmom » Fri Jun 02, 638305 8:15 am

Totally appropriate. I actually ended up missing both of my boys' baby showers. Jaden's happened to be the night he was born. They partied without us and took lots of pictures:)

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby mommy1st » Fri Jun 02, 638305 8:07 am

I had Braden one week before my baby shower was scheduled and 3 weeks before the other one( I had 2 planned for my 1st pregnancy). I am getting one now because I think I have every right to have one, it's one of the fun parts of the pregnancy that we should get to experience!
My friend is throwing me one in October here in Mesa and then my mom who lives 3.5 hours away ( my hometown where I grew up) is giving me one in Febuary and calling it a diaper shower or a meet and greet baby.
You could have your friend do something like that after the baby is born if you feel uncomfortable having one before the baby gets here.

Hope this helps and whatever you do, have fun!!

ann marie
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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby ann marie » Fri Jun 02, 638305 6:02 am

I threw a shower for someone's third child who had never had the opportunity to have one with her previous children. We had a wonderful time and it was a true celebration. Let your friend throw the shower and enjoy being normal!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby sonja » Fri Jun 02, 638305 5:45 am

I think that it is totally appropriate - especially since you did not get yours during your first pregnancy. Moms can be so funny about things sometimes - just remember that they are from a different generation and things have changed. Party and enjoy.

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby jen44 » Fri Jun 02, 638305 5:35 am

I am in a similar situation as you -- the shower that was planned for my first pregnancy had to be cancelled because I was hospitalized at 32 weeks and didn't ever happen after that and it was important to me (also because we tried for 2 years to get pregnant this time) that there be a celebration like a shower for this baby so my best friend has planned a shower for me coming up in 10 days from now because she knows how i feel. I am so excited to have a baby shower even if there are no presents, its like you said, more about feeling normal!

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Re : Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby kara » Fri Jun 02, 638305 5:23 am

I think as long as you aren't planning it, then it is appropriate. But if it makes you feel better, have her call it something besides a shower. Could be a "baby welcoming party". For my girlfriends who've had more than one, we always go out as a group and do spa stuff and lunch, and maybe some shopping if mom is up for it. You deserve it, so don't feel bad about it. :-)

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Shower for Second Baby - Inappropriate?

Postby hols537 » Fri Jun 02, 638305 5:14 am

So, a friend of mine wants to throw a shower for me and the baby. I know showers are typically for the first baby, but I missed my shower(s) in that pregnancy (one because of travel restrictions for possible pre-term labor and another because I got sick and had the baby before it was scheduled). That's one thing I always missed about my first pregnancy - the party to celebrate. So, I was thrilled about the plan, until my Mom made me feel that it was totally inappropriate. I am almost ready to ask my friend to not do it or at least ask her not to call it a "shower" and say "no gifts". As I'm sure most of you can understand, I'm not looking for gifts, just the chance to feel a "normal" (or as close to it as I can get) pregnancy.

Is it inappropriate? And am I being crazy for even getting emotionally worked up about this?

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