Amanda B update

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby josiah1112 » Tue May 04, 2004 08:05 pm

35 weeks!!! How wonderful! Hang in there, Amanda.[:D]

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby meljoi » Tue May 04, 2004 04:17 pm

Thanks for the update.....
I am always looking for an update on her.
Glad to hear they were able to stop the contractions and keep the babe cookin' just a bit longer.
Just a little more time and Maija will be here!!!

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby lawsontx » Tue May 04, 2004 09:08 am

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are still hanging in there and she's still pregnant!

Thanks for the update!

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby megansmom » Tue May 04, 2004 08:56 am

That is so great! I have been worrying about her. Glad to hear things are going well, especially after the rough weekend. Let her know we are all thinking about her and little Maija (and of course you too). It won't be too much longer now!!!!

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby angelkat » Tue May 04, 2004 08:53 am

35 Weeks.... Way to go.... Congrats.... Thanks for updating us...

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby julie f » Tue May 04, 2004 08:42 am

35 weeks, that's great! I remember when we were all praying for 32 weeks![:D]

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby 5thtymachrm » Tue May 04, 2004 08:10 am

35 weeks! that is great news! sorry to hear about the weekend but glad she is okay. Big hugs and happy thoughts going your way :o)

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby mada » Tue May 04, 2004 08:07 am

That is so awesome!! This baby is ready huh? 35 weeks is so great!! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!! Give Amanda a big hug!!!

Mada Harpster

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby twolfgram » Tue May 04, 2004 08:02 am

That's wonderful, Tim. Thanks for the update! I dream of the day I reach 35 weeks! Tell Amanda to hang in there!! We're all thinking about you guys!

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Re : Amanda B update

Postby sonja » Tue May 04, 2004 07:59 am

I am glad that she is doing good - although bored I am sure. I too will be 35 weeks on Friday - that is so comforting to know how well our little ones are at this point. Keep up the good incubating!!


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