Need advice for sciatica and sore hips

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Need advice for sciatica and sore hips

Postby haunaniv » Fri May 07, 2004 09:19 am

Hi, I posted this question on Ask The Experienced and was told that one of you in this group is a PT and might be able to give me some good advice.

I am going on 34 weeks and have been on modified bedrest since 22 weeks. So far no signs of PE, but I have been very careful to take it easy. Recently I have developed sciatica on my left side. The pain has been extreme! Last night I noticed that my right hip is starting to hurt too. This makes bedrest very difficult. This is my fourth pregnancy and I feel like my whole body is falling apart -- much more so than my other pregnancies.[:)] In my other post I received great ideas about different resting positions. I am interested in advice on stretches, etc. that I could do to help with the pain. Also, are there any pregnancy safe meds I could ask my doctor about? I do have a family member who is a PT. He has really helped with some stretches and massages, but does not have a lot of experience working with pregnant women. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks - Nancy

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