Do amnios hurt?

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby kbunsey » Thu Apr 24, 638600 2:27 pm

So glad you asked this - I always wonder!

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby melly » Thu Apr 24, 638600 5:58 am

Sabrina I haven't been on the forums much recently and just read what is going on with you. I just wanted to let you know I'm sending p&pts your way. I'm hoping for good news soon!

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jamie w
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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby jamie w » Wed Apr 23, 638600 8:40 pm

Maybe you'll escape it like I did. They had me all prepped and ready (anterior placenta also) and when they started looking for fluid, the only pocket left was right at her face so they said screw it,not enough fluid, forget the amnio, she has to come out now!!

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby missgamecock » Wed Apr 23, 638600 6:15 pm

Anterior placenta and contracting here. Fabulous.

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby suleaf » Wed Apr 23, 638600 4:03 pm

Carin, it'll be ok. I promise!! I am the biggest wuss, the worst cry baby and the things I have gone through.... and you have gone through... you know what I mean, I hope. The amnio was dealable. I promise! Scary yes. But you can do it!

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby wrennie » Wed Apr 23, 638600 1:22 pm

oh no, my placenta is anterior too.......CRAP!

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby chubbiesmom » Wed Apr 23, 638600 1:08 pm

I had everyone tell me it didn't hurt, and holy crap did it ever. The only reason mine hurt so bad was I had an anterior placenta and the only safe place to stick the needle in was the fundas of my uterus. On top of that, they did it while I was having a contraction. Normally, I guess it's pretty simple and quick. Hopefully your's will be too if you end up needing on.


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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby mnmom » Wed Apr 23, 638600 1:06 am

Ok. Mine hurt. I must be a "wuss".

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby jenn » Sat Apr 12, 638600 6:55 pm

I tried throwing up just after I got the numbing shot. Anxiety. After that it was "the big one" and I watched the monitor, somehow I was able to disassociate what was in the monitor from what was going on on my belly.
My peri laughed a little when I was apologizing for trying to vomit, he said "well it's not like you run around crashing your belly into things to know what it feels like" Good point.
I think looking back on it, the anxiety was the worst of it.
But I'm glad they did it, because we learned that Natalia wasn't quite ready yet.
The things you do for your kids huh?
Best wishes with everything. Jenn

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Re : Do amnios hurt?

Postby summerw77 » Sat Apr 12, 638600 5:55 pm

Just take a smelly herbal eye cover! I promise it does the trick! =) =)

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