On call doctor rant....

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Re : On call doctor rant....

Postby suleaf » Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:44 am

Oh candy. How awful but at least something is getting done.

(And maybe -shhhhhh- it might be a shock to the drs but I think 12 year olds usually know about pregnacy too but don't tell the dr that)

Your induction/castor oil fantasy made me laugh outloud, though, I must say..... but please. In your shoes I would be crying and it isn't about doing things to myself, it's frustration adn worry.

Ugh she sounds scary.

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Re : On call doctor rant....

Postby debbie78 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:40 am

I just have to say this-- What is it with these "on-call" doctors? I have seriously heard so many horror stories related to on-calls on different message boards. Sheesh.
I am so sorry you were treated so poorly, but I am so glad that YOUR doctor is coming in to see you. You are getting so, so close-- hang in there.

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Re : On call doctor rant....

Postby missgamecock » Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:12 am

I'm so sorry that you are going through this....

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Re : On call doctor rant....

Postby wrennie » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:54 am

candy, thats awful! I cant even imagine. I really dont like seeing any other doctor than my own. She knows and understands why I am crying, its so much better than that look you get from the other docs saying "what are you crying about"?? It is frustrating. I know what you mean about the baby being out! I want to stop worrying, I feel like I am going out of my mind!

Glad to hear that they are finally doing some labs. Whats the game plan, are they going to induce if anything comes back wierd?

Well, i added you on facebook! I think I picked the right you, funny, I had to look up what a Toque was...very Canadian i guess (or maybe im just an idiot)!!

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On call doctor rant....

Postby candyg » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:43 am

So my doc is off call now...and I got a lovely visit from the charmer that is on call this weekend today...

Firstly...she was completely condescending!!!! And I called her on it! I'm not 12, I'm 30...I understand what's happening to my body...I just don't like it!!! Don't talk to me like I have no clue how I even got pregnant....I'm not an idiot! I've been through all of this before...it's not news

Then, of sourse since I've been on edge emotionally for a while now...I broke down..and she demanded that I explain what was wrong...and I knew this was going to go well...I tell her that I hate feeling like I don't care if he has to go to the nicu for a couple days, just to get my body back...even though logically that's not what I want at all...that I'm worried that I'll resent him if they don't induce me soon...that I'm not comfortable that nothing has been done...(I've had a bunch of non-reactive nsts...no bloodwork or urine smapling for a week...not even dips...and my bps are assumed to be up because I've been crying so much)

So she tells me I'm lying and they,ve been dipping my urine!!!! REALLY! kinda hard if I haven't saved any...don't ya, think!!!! but she's read it in my chart...

Then she asks if I've been thinking about doing anything to myself NO...unless you count all the labour induction fantasies...oops drank some castor oil LOL!) But I did want to at least kick her in the shins!!! and she thinks I need to talk to a social worker...no...I need to get this kid out so I can get out of this hospital!!!

So she leaves and comes back as someone from the lab is drawing my blood...to tell me they are going to do some bloodwork (Really...that's shocking! I wouldn't have guessed!) And that we're doing another 24 hour urine and going to dip my urine now...

Was that an apology I heard....nope...didn't think so!

At least she called my OB, who is going to come in today and see me!

Sorry for the rant...needed to get that off my chest...Whew!

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