I hit 28 weeks today....

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby melodi » Tue Apr 05, 638603 8:58 am

I am so happy for you. It's funny, but I also bought the first baby item a few days ago. An adorable little basket/bed that I just couldn't resist. And, I felt that I was doing something wrong, like it would bring me bad luck or something. So far I have hid it in my wardrobe and every now and then I peep in to take a look. Take care of yourself.

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby itsmaya » Thu Mar 24, 638603 5:39 pm

congrats Su I am sure you will have a full term baby boy keep it up

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby karoliina » Wed Mar 23, 638603 10:57 am

Congratulations, Su! I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.

Good luck, and like everyone else, I'm also looking forward to your next update after the U/S. :)


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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby jayme » Sun Mar 13, 638603 4:48 pm

That's awesome news :)

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby debbie78 » Sun Mar 13, 638603 11:40 am

Aw, Su! How awesome! I can't help but smile as I read this. <3 I'm celebrating 28 weeks with you! And the ultrasound must be in just 2 days? Can't wait to hear all about it!

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby dolphinjen » Wed Mar 02, 638603 1:16 am


I read a couple of your early posts and they brought me to tears. You have been through so much. You are such a brave, wise woman. I am so happy you have reached this important milestone. It is richly deserved.


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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby wrennie » Tue Mar 01, 638603 10:25 pm

Hey Su!!! Congrats on the milestone, I know that it is HUGE! Your doing great and Im glad your cruising right along. Hang in there and keep positive!

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby mama2aredhead » Tue Mar 01, 638603 8:55 pm

Yay!! That is great news!!

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby betsymu » Tue Mar 01, 638603 1:44 pm

Congratulations. That is awesome.

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Re : I hit 28 weeks today....

Postby panguitch02 » Tue Mar 01, 638603 5:04 am

Yeah 28 weeks is great!!!!

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