28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby aundapenner » Fri Apr 15, 638603 5:25 pm


I am SOOO happy to hear that not only is little man a funny one, already making his mommy and daddy laugh, but that he is growing and thriving IN YOU!!! That's wonderful!!! Your body is working the way it should - providing for your little one.

However, it is always disappointing to hear that some part of us isn't functioning well - right now, for you (and me too) it's BP. BUT - your numbers are still okay. You've made it 28 weeks! Samar is thriving.

Bedrest might be imminent but money really will work itself out. Somehow. :)

I was put on bedrest with Henry at 28 weeks and, with BP meds, hung in for another 6 weeks.

This time around, I had a scare around 27 weeks and was hospitalized and on mag for 12 days at 28 weeks. I've now made it 6 more weeks - and so far, NO BP MEDS! We're all just buying time until we get to hold and kiss and cuddle and smell our little ones.

Su - you are SUCH an amazing mom, woman and wife.


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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby alta » Fri Apr 15, 638603 4:20 pm


we all had a bad experience (nightmare!) with our first pregnancies. But something deep inside convinced us to go on this journey again - we had hope that it will go better the next time. But nothing can prepare you for the anxiety and fear that goes along with the next pregnancy, leave alone the disappointment when things don't turn out the way you hoped and dreamed for. Adjust your dreams and hopes to your current situation - focus on the positives (as you do) and fight off the negatives with bravery unheard of! Your baby is healthy, big and still inside you - you keep it safe and nurtured.

Be strong and good luck - you can do this!

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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby karoliina » Fri Apr 15, 638603 11:16 am

Hello Su,

I'm so happy to hear Samar is doing well! And the slowing down part is going to ensure that, but I do understand it feels bad to hear what you have been dreading... Of course it's a disappointment and you're bound to get emotional. (((((hugs)))))

Won't you get paid in the U.S. if you have sick leave orders from a doctor? I think it was the same thing for my Canadian friend, and I just find it odd they leave people in trouble like that for being sick in your countries. (Well, I wouldn't get much if I couldn't work, either, but that's because I'm a freelancer. I'd still get some support from the government, but no normal paychecks.)

Trust in the Universe to provide, and good luck!


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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby jamie w » Wed Apr 06, 638603 2:50 am

You are doing a wonderful job!! I am so glad Samar is growing and thriving, what good news. I am sorry you were dealt bad news along with the good. It sometimes makes the good not seem so sweet when it is accompanied by the bad. It is so tough being told to slow it down but try to remember it is temporary. It will be over before you know it and worth every second of it. We nearly lost our house, got sued by a credit card company, and had many other financial issues because of my bedrest. We made it through though and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to have my daughter here. There are ways to work it out. Trust Q and let him handle the financial aspects. I learned (after the fact) that if I had just let the companies know what was going on they were more than willing to work with us. Just keep growing that baby boy, you are doing awesome!!

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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby heather j » Wed Apr 06, 638603 2:31 am

I'm so happy to hear he's thriving! It's always tough to hear that you *need* to slow down because of all the implications, the red flags that are set off in us. I'll tell you, though, teaching and being pregnant is HARD work. Being on your feet, on your game, in front of dodgy teenagers? It was hard *before* I became sick. Trust Q that the finances will work out, grow your boy strong and healthy, and he'll be here helping you to forget how painfully hard the work of mothering can be.

Always thinking of you, Su, and your beautiful children.

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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby amanda » Wed Apr 06, 638603 2:25 am

Girst, big, huge, ((hugs)) from the cold south!

I remember when they said bedrest - for some reason it was like I was shocked - I mean, really? Moi? It's hard when they say it because you KNOW what can happen and well, let's face it - they don't tell everyone to have bedrest. :( I can so relate to your comments about it being a relief too because, as all know becvause I've said it enough, I enjoyed bedrest - at least the laying around part! (Noone agreeing to get me Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, not so much!)

Did you read my other post on things to consider when bedrest happens? I mean, sometimes we all think we have to solve everything ourselves - I know that I think that when, in reality, there really are some safety nets out there that sometimes don't seem so obvious. In the end though you're absolutely right that you will do whatever you have to do for him to arrive safely. You won't be alone in the debt pool - we are there too and many have been there before us - we can work outselves out of it - it might take a while but allowing ourselves to keep in the moment really really does help (as does the realization that not everyone can get what they want - LOL) .

I'm so proud of you Su - you are doing so awesome - drop me a line if you want to talk more about other options we found when we went through this.

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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby betsymu » Wed Apr 06, 638603 2:23 am

I know how frustating it is. Don't we all want a normal pregnancy. On a positive note , I am very happy to see that Samar is doing well right now. Which is want we all mothers want. I think the best option is to take it one day at time and leave the rest in the hands of GOD. Hopefully eveything should turn out ok.


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Re : 28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby missgamecock » Wed Apr 06, 638603 2:22 am

Su you have been doing so well and you are close to the end now. The money issues will work themselves out. They always do. The most important thing is you and the baby. Hugs.

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28 week ultrasound- good and bad news

Postby suleaf » Tue Apr 05, 638603 6:25 pm

The good: Samar is measuring as he should and weighs 2 lbs 2 oz at 28 weeks and 4 days.... so right on target. He was silly- he kept stretching up his feet over his head and even played with the umbilical cord in front of us.... so cute. My arteries are fine and he's doing exactly what he should be doing.

The bad: Well, the MFM was different than who I normally see.... and he at first got really concerned about the BP issues I've been having- he said it makes perfect sense they go down with rest- and told me to stop working. He said I make the choices but this is what he recommends. I gave him my blood pressure log and he said mostly they are in mid to high 80s which is less concerning but if they start to go up and stay up, I'm out of work. He let me stay til the end of February and he's going to give my OB notes to say I'm out after that instead of RIGHT NOW.

For some reason, it just upset me. I KNOW Samar is just fine. I KNEW this time was coming. But it made me feel some weird grief- like why can't I just have a normal pregnancy? When they left me to go take more notes, I just started crying.... but I am SO WORRIED about money (although we'll just find some way, and Q keeps telling me not to worry) and I am just worried for Samar... here I am at 28 and 4 days weeks and the BPs are on the rise and while he's ok now, what happens to him if growth slows? I want more time and I KNOW I will have more time.... but ugh... I'm just upset.

On the flip side, I haven't been doing well with work, as you all know. I'm out at least once a week and it's affecting my students so badly. It's best for them to have consistency at this point. Right now it's physically and emotionally stressful for me- it's a HUGE building with huge walks to everything and I am back in school.... I know it's the fact that I am just doing too much and in a way it relieves my mind to know that I can just rest til he arrives.

I think I am just worried and frustrated.... but dealing and resigned. I just want a good outcome and I will do what it takes to get there.

Still.... SO GLAD Samar is doing so well... my funny baby.... I just keep sending him lots of growing vibes and I promised him today no matter what his mom would do what it took to take care of him!

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