29 weeks and rocking along

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby kbunsey » Wed Aug 07, 638616 8:50 pm

I love your quote, "God bless Lovenox and ..." Mine would be, "God bless Nifedipine, LDA and a brilliant doctor." It is so great having healthy growing babies and pregnancies. FB never got to a pound, poor sweetie, and now my little scooter is already a pound!

So glad you're both doing well and in such good spirits. Love your post title too. :-) Keep on rockin'!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby imemc3 » Wed Aug 07, 638616 10:42 am

God bless those things. Things like Lovenox and wonderful doctor care. We are now at 31 weeks. I am so excited for you! I am sending you a (((hug))).

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby rachelsmommy » Wed Aug 07, 638616 6:47 am

That's great news!! I totally get it... I'm 2 weeks further than I was at delivery the last time around and the baby is more than twice as big. It's so exciting!!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby shierman » Wed Aug 07, 638616 1:28 am

Fantastic news!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby brianned5 » Tue Aug 06, 638616 11:59 pm

Wonderful, that's amazing!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby sonja » Tue Aug 06, 638616 12:10 pm

That is great!!!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby threesparkles » Tue Aug 06, 638616 9:32 am

Sounds like things are going well! Yay :D

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby milesymommy » Tue Aug 06, 638616 8:32 am

Congrats! I'm just a week behind you. I feel so much bigger than last time, and no signs of PE. The MFM didn't give me a percentile this last visit, but she said he was over 3 lbs and I think that's high.
Here's to 2+ more months!

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Re : 29 weeks and rocking along

Postby susheli » Mon Aug 05, 638616 5:04 pm

Yay, so glad your baby girl is growing so well, 97the percentile is awesome. and double yay to no PE!!!
I do know what you mean... my baby inside is also huge compared to her big sister at the same time (who had IUGR) ... it's hard to believe, sometimes.

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29 weeks and rocking along

Postby kiwi_susie » Mon Aug 05, 638616 1:22 pm

Hi Ladies, I had to share because I know you'll *get* this...
I'm now officially 4 weeks more pregnant than I was last pregnancy at delivery. Wow! AND... last pregnancy my son measured in at the 5th percentile... and this time she's sitting at the 97th percentile... OMG! It's almost laughable, in a black humour kind of way - in that it's just so chalk and cheese. I say God bless Lovenox and LDA and some brilliant medical care... and still no sign of PE... YAY!!!!! :)

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