37 weeks today!

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby joker » Fri May 24, 638622 11:37 am

I cannot believe you are full term! YAY! Congrats!

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby amandaoasis » Wed May 15, 638622 8:52 am

So happy for you! I will be waiting to hear all about little Helena!

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby hannahsmom » Wed May 15, 638622 3:51 am

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful.

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby trish » Wed May 15, 638622 3:39 am

Yeah Sush!!! Whoo hoo! I wasn't scared of labor either! Worrying about PE is weeks and months of agony - waiting for things to possibly get bad. Labor is just one day & even with an epidural can hurt A LOT at the end but it's over in a few minutes or hours! AND you get a baby!! :)

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby aundapenner » Tue May 14, 638622 6:33 pm


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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby milesymommy » Tue May 14, 638622 4:37 pm

Congratulations on full term! And good luck with VBAC!

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby lilliputianmama » Tue May 14, 638622 4:05 pm

That is awesome news! Congratulations on such a huge milestone.

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby heather j » Tue May 14, 638622 9:59 am

Yay, Sush! I'm sure you and your family are soooo ready for little Helena to come say hello! :)

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Re : 37 weeks today!

Postby kotokage » Tue May 14, 638622 9:55 am

Congratulations on full term! You don't need to be scared of labor. It's only one day (usually less), and the reward is a baby! Going into labor naturally sounds great!

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37 weeks today!

Postby susheli » Tue May 14, 638622 4:32 am

Wow. I circled this date as soon as I knew I was pregnant, but never truly believed that I'd get this far. FULL-TERM! It hasn't always been easy, but I'm so glad to be here. We had a great appointment yesterday, baby Helena did great on her NST, my dr is feeling very positive. My proteins are staying stable (even dipped negative yesterday!) and though my pressures were up just a little - between 90-95 diastolic (lying) - the top number stays under 140 and my dr was okay with that.

I know everything may still change from one day to another, but I've been stable for so long now that I'm starting to believe my body will hold out. I'm even getting a little excited about the idea of going into labor naturally... funny, I'm so scared of PE, but not of labor. We'll see... maybe because I have no idea what real labor feels like yet... I hope I'll have a positive VBAC-story to post here very soon.

Hope everyone else is well. This board feels quiet - thinking of you all and hoping that just means you're having good summer vacation times!

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