things getting a little scarey-UPDATE

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : things getting a little scarey-UPDATE

Postby southerngirl108 » Sat Oct 22, 638631 8:25 pm

I can't really answer your questions, but just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I'm basically in the same boat as you. I too have to go for weekly NST and end up being on the machine for close to an hour because of the baby not cooperating as much as they would like. I am now on strict bedrest and confined to my left side as much as possible (did I mention I have a 2 yr old?? hard to do!). So far my urine has checked out okay but I have a gut feeling that when I turn in my next 24 hour collection on Tuesday I'll end up being admitted. My BP is climbing even while I'm on my side. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow.

I'm sending good thoughts your way. You've already made it further than you did with your last pregnancy, so that is good! Hopefully you will make it a little bit longer. :)

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things getting a little scarey-UPDATE

Postby rachaelann » Sat Oct 22, 638631 7:22 pm

So i had my 36 week appt on Wednesday. They have been doing NSTs and 24 hour urines weekly since my bp went up and my 24 hour floated over that 300 mark. i was on the nst machine for like almost 50 minutes. starting to get upset because i thought they forgot about me when the nurse came in and said the dr wants you to have a sonogram right now. i asked if everything was okay and she said we just arent seeing the acceleration in heart rate that we want when the baby moves. so of course i start panicking. they take me in to the sonogram room to do a biophysical sonogram. they had 4 categories they were looking for. 20 minutes into the sono and the baby still hasnt moved. i see the heart beating on the screen but no movement. they are having me get up and down, side to side. it was sooo scarey. finally she starts to move, not much, but apparently enough to pass the test. they take me into the exam room and my bp is 164/102!!! so they tell me to lay down. 15 minutes later and still laying down its and 149/94. dr. comes in and tells me i need to relax. anyone else ever feel like strangling their doctor? my 24 hour came back at 418. so she said shes going to make me hang around for at least another week to help the babys lungs continue to mature and is now making me return twice a week for bp checks. she said if that is still high she will put me on labetelol until delivery. when i asked her about early induction before she said, i wont let you get severe again. its just so hard being on bedrest with a toddler. i feel like im being a terrible mom. we have no family here and all of my friends have kids and they say i will come over and help, but their kids destroy my house and then they leave without cleaning up after them. so ive been denying their "help". i just want her to induce me, or at least set a date so i can say i only have 6 more days of this left, or whatever. i also asked her about that pulse racing, face flushed feeling (anyone ever get that?) and she said it was normal. but when you are just sitting there and your pulse jumps to 130 how is that normal? so a couple of questions for you ladies...
1. any tips on making bedrest work with other kids at home?
2. side effects/concerns with labetolol and pregnancy?
3. i tested negative for the underlying disorders, any thoughts on why this is happening again?
4. any info on the pulse racing thing?
thanks ladies. i have another bp check appt today, and will update if there are any changes.

went in friday, bp was 180/100. they had me lay down and switched to a bigger cuff, eventhough i dont need it. 20 minutes later it was 150/90. they put me on 200g of Labetalol. Got a terrible headache on my way home. for the first time i was actually scared to be home alone with my son. luckily my hubby was 30 minutes away by the time i got home. im still only spilling a trace protein so the doc mentioned maybe now making it to 39 weeks. but 39 weeks for me is thanksgiving day. so im going to ask if i can be induced at 38. i dont really see what the point of prolonging this any further is. my bp with the meds has been 140-150/80-90. so still not great. how long does it take to bring things down, or is that bringing things down? im kinda frustrated with my doc, im there friday, clearly not in good shape and she had like one foot out the door during my visit. she said she would be right back with my prescription and had one of the nurses drop it off and tell me if it doesnt go down to call her over the weekend. i just think thats kinda crappy, anyone else? i go back tuesday and see the midwife for an NST and 24 hour. i dont see the doctor again until next Friday. I hope she doesnt say no to my 38 week induction request. The last thing i want is to be in the hospital for thanksgiving.

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