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Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 02:45 pm
by brooklynsmom
Hi Kelley! It is, in the least, difficult to not worry during a pregnancy after PE! I think that having a Peri on board is awesome, and it sounds like you are on the right track for a successful pregnancy! Have you been tested for underlying disorders? I think there is much controversy surrounding the Brewer's diet...I would make sure to do plenty of reearch on that, and make sure your Peri and OB know that is the diet you are following. I think it is wonderful to have found a Dr. you are so "in tune" with. I have had two pregnancies since my PE pregnancy, and have been Pre-E free both times. I did have gestational diabetes the second time around, but managed to have a healthy disease free pregnancy my third time around. I was extremely health concious, though, and watched my diet (followed my GD diet as soon as I found out) and exercised throughout the entire pregnancy the third time, as you are doing now! I was tested for underlying disorders, and didn't have any.

Here is to 9 BORING, event free months for you! Keep us updated! Good luck!

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Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 02:41 pm
by lauchlan
Congratulations! Wishing you a very healthy and stress-free 36 more weeks!

I'm 24 weeks right now and am about 8 weeks past when I started having PE related issues last time. I think a positive attitude (and a kick-* Peri) have made all the difference.

Keep up the good work!


Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 01:37 pm
by complexophelia
Hi, everyone! I'm Kelley.

After a long hiatus from these boards, I officially belong here in this section - and we are very surprised to be here!

Last pregnancy, severe pre-e set in at 27 weeks, and my son was born on the first day of the 28th. We only had a 67 day NICU stay, bringing him home a month before his due date. He's now 19 months old, happy and healthy. We found out about the new arrival a couple of days ago when there was a mysterious extra line on the pregnancy test. This spacing is much closer than we'd intended, but we're very happy about the baby who's due in February.

It's so hard to relax, though. Every headache, every twinge in my chest brings back strong memories. I've been eating the Brewer Diet, which I know doesn't have any conclusive evidence for prevention, but will at least keep me and baby well-nourished. I'm drinking nettle tea, doing yoga every night and walking briskly for half an hour a day. I'm actively redirecting my thoughts from anxious ones to positive phrasing: "My body is healthy, strong and capable. My baby is healthy and loved. My family is evolving perfectly. Come February, I will hold my healthy baby in my arms after our successful VBAC."

I'm sad because this time I'm not able to have a midwife. My perinatologist, who is wonderful and very on board, wants me to be seeing an OB. He's the same perinatologist who took care of me the first time, is in favor of me continuing to nurse my son, and is a generally awesome guy. It's hard for me to find a peri who agrees with me philisophically about birth an nursing, and it's really just by the grace of god that we fell into his lap in the first place. I'll do anything to keep him, so to an OB I go! I live in a very conservative area, but I'm close enough to a few major cities that I should be able to find a good OB who will allow me to have a VBAC at the end of my healthy pregnancy.

I'm about 4 weeks or so, so it's still very touch and go - but it'd be lovely to hear some of your success stories with pregnancy after pre-e!

And it's lovely to be here, too. Looking forward to growing closer with you ladies through our screens over the next 9 (eek, I guess only 8 now) months!