late news: baby is home!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby jenmatt1 » Mon Mar 02, 638933 9:45 am

so happy he is home with you- enjoy every moment.

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby rebecca2 » Sun Mar 01, 638933 11:20 am

So happy Ismael is home!!! Wonderful news!! Isn't it just wonderful being up all night taking care of a baby? I'm exhausted, but I LOVE every minute with my little boy!

Sorry about the high post partum BPs. I have something similar going on (delivered at 35w6d due to oligo and BP spiked 1 week PP). Hopefully your MFM can offer some insight. I wish I had asked for pathology report on my placenta; I have to think it is related to PE.

Congratulations again!!

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby jean » Sun Mar 01, 638933 8:16 am

I'm so happy for you!
I'll be interested to hear what your doctor thinks about the placenta!

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby l412angel » Fri Feb 20, 638933 11:01 am

So glad baby is home safe! Maybe see if they will put you on a diuretic pill? Worked wonders for me I had 31 lbs of fluid lost in a week!

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby rebeccac » Fri Feb 20, 638933 9:39 am

Sleep when the baby sleeps!

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby sam10 » Fri Feb 20, 638933 8:25 am

Oh how wonderful! Glad to hear baby is home with you!

I had bad swelling in my lower legs after delivery, but I was told this was normal(?). Hope your labs will normalize soon and your BP behaves.

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby sonja » Fri Feb 20, 638933 7:55 am

Enjoy being home together.

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Re : late news: baby is home!

Postby trish » Fri Feb 20, 638933 7:50 am

Whoo hoo!!! So glad to hear that he's already home with you. It's funny - when my girls were brand new & I was so tired, those middle of the night feedings just seemed to drag on - and then before I'd hardly closed my eyes they needed to eat again. Rinse, repeat day after day, week after week. Gosh it seemed like they would never sleep through 4 hours straight much less a whole night! But you know what? I think back to that time & would do it all over again because those middle of the night times when it's just you two are so precious.

I am so happy for you!!!

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late news: baby is home!

Postby rosalinda » Fri Feb 20, 638933 7:00 am

Ismael Jr. came home with us from the NICU on saturday (after 4 days), and today he is one week old.

My bp went up on sunday, and I have developed pitting edema from the knees down (did not swell at all during the pregnancy). ER bp's were 150's/90's so not too bad. ER doc said my labs were up slightly, but still within normal range--so no official PE diagnosis, just got my meds adjusted and that seems to have done the trick so far.

The swelling has gotten a little better, and hopefully my bp will go back to normal and I can cut back on my meds to my pre-pregnancy dose.

In the meantime, needless to say I am exhausted---but loving it! I can't believe I have an earth baby.

** oh by the way--the placental pathology report is back and the placenta had some calcifications and infarcts in it (blood clots), so I am sure I was headed in the PE direction. Since all my underlying disorders came back negative I an interested to see what my peri has to say about this. I will talk to her in August when she comes back from medical leave---grr...**** preeclampsia!

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