5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: 5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Postby atvlady » Mon Nov 22, 2010 05:37 pm

I am sorry for your loss. I developed severe PIH, severe Pre-e and severe HELLP at 20 weeks. Our baby lived 80 minutes. I developed PIH at 12 weeks, pre-e at week 16 and HELLP at week 18. We are currently TTC with no luck yet. I too had the same symptoms you did. My drs kept passing it all off as part of pregnancy. My URQ hurt SO bad it had me in tears every night. Any questions, just ask. I am a open book and will share my experience.
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Re: 5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Postby Lee Ann » Sun Nov 21, 2010 05:27 pm

I am so sorry you lost your son. I too lost my daughter to severe Pre-e. I started showing signs at about 17 -18 wks. When I went in for my first ultrasound I was a little past 19 wks and Olivia was already a week behind in her growth. The doctors thought it was everthing else but preeclampsia. I only made it to 23 wks and 6 days and had to have an emergency c-section. We are currently ttc for a second pregnancy. I hope things go well for you and I hope you keep us informed about how your pregnancy progresses. You had it very early in your pregnancy too. I will read your posts to see how everything is going. Hang in there!

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Re: 5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Postby kerisue » Sun Nov 21, 2010 09:34 am

I am so sorry about your loss of baby Nolan. I lost my little girl to this disease too. I hope this pregnancy goes much more smoothly and new baby is born healthy and at term. I'm glad you're being followed by a specialist this time around. Good luck! Image
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Re: 5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Postby angieb » Sun Nov 21, 2010 09:08 am

I'm sorry you lost your son and that you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately, even if they had diagnosed you sooner, the outcome would have been pretty much the same, once you have HELLP the only treatment is deliver, and 18 wks is just too small. :( Our daughter was born at 23 wks due to HELLP and passed away shortly after her birth.

I'm glad you are seeing a high risk doctor. Have you been tested for blood clotting disorders? (Unfortunately they can't/shouldn't test you when you are pregnant because the hormones can mess with results.)

Congratulations on your new pregnancy and I hope it goes much more smoothly! It is definitely nerve-wrecking to be pregnant again after a loss.
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5 weeks 3 days pregnant after Severe Pre-e and HELLP

Postby jmr122 » Sun Nov 21, 2010 08:11 am

I am excited and scared to be pregnant for the first time after losing my baby January 14, 2010 @ only 18 weeks of pregnancy due to Pre-e and Class I HELLP. I had a very severe and rare case due to it happening so early in pregnancy... They did not diagnose me with these diseases until it was too late. My Baby, Nolan Michael's little heart could not keep up with my high blood pressure and stopped beating before they started to treat me for these diseases. They kept insisting my upper right side pain was a pulled muscle due to coughing from a cold I had. Later I found out all I could about these two diseases, that before I had them, I had never heard of before. I realized my upper right side pain was my liver. I am still angry today that they did not diagnose me with these diseases because they said they do not happen before 20 weeks of pregnancy. As doctors it is very disappointing to think they didn't think outside the box and realize things can happen even when we don't think they should. I could have been treated and been in better condition than I ended up if only they would have realized I was a very rare case. I am now 5 weeks 3 days pregnant on my first try after losing Nolan 9 months ago. We feel pretty positive about this pregnancy due to learning as much as we have since losing Nolan. I, like everyone here, have become obssessed with learning all I can about these diseases. I now know what to look for this time and plan on watching everything very very closely... I would like to know if there is anyone else that has experienced these diseases as early or near to what I did and if they have gone on to have any more children and how they ended up? I would love to hear from anyone with any insight and stories. I feel really good this time so far only with a few minor things like, being a little tired, constipation, and light headedness. With Nolan I was very sick with nausea as soon as I found out I was pregnant. So this time I am hoping that since I am feeling good so far it's a good thing but I can't help worrying that maybe the pregnancy didn't take right or something... I have my first appointment with my OB doctor this Tuesday and my first appointment with my high risk doctor the following Monday and my first ultrasound that day also! I switched from my OB doctor and my general physician and have new doctors that I feel better listen to me than the two did when all this happened, so hopefully we will have a healthy pregnancy and baby this time. Sorry if I rambled on too long... I hope to hear from anyone that can relate or give me some advice! God bless everyone!!!

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