No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby uncskristy » Tue Jun 26, 639240 12:50 pm

Don't worry about it. Actually I am having to remind myself this a lot right now because I have freaked out more than once about this so far. With my first pregnancy, I only got sick once. With pregnancy #2, I was very sick the first trimester and actually lost 7 pounds.
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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?g

Postby miamibunnie » Sun Jun 24, 639240 4:23 pm

This pregnancy is so different from my last. My last preg I was sick all the time. I was throwing up and tired and sleepy. I was so swollen by 3 months.

This preg my symptoms started at 7 weeks which was just nauseas but thank goodness no puking. I heard bad morning sickness is not good either. My nausea stop at 14 weeks. So dt worry u will feel something and remeber this is a diff preg. Hey and if u dt get symptoms hey that's great. Wishing all of us a successful preg.
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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby christina89 » Fri Jun 15, 639240 4:22 pm

Hey, I wouldnt read tomuch into that I was told that the last time because I had terrible morning sickness, so I felt better about it but I didn't have a healthy pregnancy at all. And this time around I got morning sickness around 5 or so weeks and it finally looks like its easing off at 14 weeks. My mom had 3 healthy pregnancy's without any morning sickness at all same with most of my friends, so to me, it means nothing at all, although it really does seem to make me feel a little more pregnant. and you are still pretty early yet, you might just wake up one morning and it might just be you and the bathroom :)
I hope you have a great out come this time I think about you often. :) I was so happy to hear you were expecting again.

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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby ktsl123 » Fri Jun 15, 639240 2:08 pm

With my son I never had morning sickness and never felt pregnant. 2 of my GF's were the same way. I worried so much in the first trimester, but sometimes you just get lucky.
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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby lizard » Fri Jun 15, 639240 8:23 am

I didn't get morning sickness the second time around until almost 8wks. i was also "excited" to feel nauseas since i did not the first time. altho, that being said, my mom never experienced morning sickness and had 3 full term healthy pregnancies. I think it just depends on you and your body and maybe even genetics?? who knows. with my son (delivered early with PE) i had no sickness with my daughter (full term, no PE) i was pretty sick the whole first trimester. good luck and hope you get morning sickness! :) even tho it is brutal!!

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Re: No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby preemomof2 » Fri Jun 15, 639240 5:32 am

I believe morning sickness begins at 6weeks. You are still early so it still has plenty of time
to arrive. I'm like you, I would rather morning sickness than not because then the
Pregnancy seems real. However, doctors say not having morning sickness is common.

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No morning sickness. Is that bad?

Postby riehlism » Fri Jun 15, 639240 4:47 am

I have read that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I have had no morning sickness. I don't even know what real nausea is like. Should I be concerned?
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