what do water breaking feel like

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Re: what do water breaking feel like

Postby grantk » Mon Mar 27, 639256 2:01 am

My dr told me it can be weird like you just keep feeling really damp down there/underwear. I am nervous I won't know when these things happen. Hope you can hang until Tuesday! I'll be 35 tomorrow, and I'm still chugging along... BP is up slightly to 110/80 but the dr thinks that is fine for this stage.

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Re: what do water breaking feel like

Postby angieb » Sun Mar 26, 639256 9:57 pm

My water broke while I was sitting on the couch watching youtube videos trying to figure out breastfeeding a few hours before my scheduled c-section. It felt like the baby kicked, then I heard a pop, and felt like I'd peed my pants even though not really. I told DH and went to the bathroom and sure enough. We went straight to the hospital (I wasn't supposed to go into labor at all due to a classical c-section), somehow I didn't leak at all in the car, but the second I stood up to get out of the car, I was drenched completely..even my flip flops were wet. I wouldn't be surprised if I leaked fluid on the floor on the way up to L&D. And then even once I was in the bed, they had to change my sheets and gown because it was still leaking, then put towels between my legs. And, I had normal fluid levels. So yeah, I thought maybe I was leaking amniotic fluid almost my entire pregnancy, but when my water really did break, there was no way I could have missed that!
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Re: what do water breaking feel like

Postby nov_mum » Sat Mar 25, 639256 9:00 am

I have only had one experience of my waters breaking and it felt weird like balloons rubbing together as baby's head engaged and moved down further, then it kinda just exploded!
I got a bit of a fright. With my second, I had my waters broken for me but the MW was unsure she hooked it right as only a tiny dribble of fluid came out which could have been anything. 10 Mins later I was in full labour so it was definitely my waters but it wasn't liek the first. I guess it depends on each baby and cervix??? Good luck for your appointment

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what do water breaking feel like

Postby christina89 » Wed Mar 15, 639256 11:38 pm

Hey. So I have been a little off the last few days bp headaches etc. But I had a shower about an hour ago ish and I feel like I'm leaking I haven't had like a gush or anything it just feels umm odd down there, I have an app with my OB in the morning. So hopefully he can tell me what's up. I'm 35 weeks now. I still kinda hope I can make it to the 16th so I can deliver with my MFM in a very very good NICU. Ahhh this blows. I guess it could be her head on my bladder as well and she did drop. I guess ill watch for contractions. And hopefully come home from my app tomorrow. And what does actually happen with a mucus plug. These things seem to confuse me!!

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