Did you still work?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby riehlism » Wed Apr 26, 639262 3:30 pm

I am a working professional with a demanding job. I worked full time until last Friday. I am currently 35+5 today. I have had no signs of PE or HELLP. My BP at the NST today was 111/71 an no protein on the dipstick. In my last pregnancy I had two jobs: the job I currently have, and I was also part time faculty at a college. So, I cut my hours, in comparison. But i still worked full time through this pregnancy.

If there were any signs of trouble I would have pulled out immediately. But stopping work for the sake of stopping work didn't make sense to me. I would probably be more stressed because I have so much time to think about worst case scenarios.

It's the old: do what you gotta do. If you have to work to maintain your lifestyle, do it if there aren't red flags. If problems arise, cut back as best you can. I had similar concerns with this pregnancy. But it looks like everything is working out for me, despite my staying on full time. Good luck.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby flori » Sun Dec 21, 639259 4:46 am

Jennifer, I know what you mean about doing everything you can. That's actually why the thought of the promotion scares me. I had just been promoted at almost exactly this time last year, which coincided with getting pregnant and the stress of the holidays. When everything happened with Gracie, I thought back to what I could change if I would and being in a stressful position at work was one of those things.

After her loss I transferred to another store (and more importantly, much less stressful position). The pay decrease has been hard, though. I keep thinking about all of the money we could save if I took the position and saved. I'm already planning in my mind which months would be best for conceiving, so I can miss the stress of the holidays in retail.

I do want to meet with a MFM soon, I am just waiting for my blood work from my internist to come back.

DH and I were talking earlier this evening and we think that waiting until February or March will be good. One, I've always felt a little guilty about planning for Rainbow when Gracie died just a few months ago. Two, I really need to get myself healthy. I have six months until Gracie's birthday to get my body in the best shape I can. And three, we'll be able to save quite a bit in that time.

I will keep everyone updated.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby frogibe » Tue Dec 09, 639259 11:40 pm

I did take off work. I am a teacher and I was teaching 1st graders at the time. I decided I would take off work starting at 20 weeks. I'm not sure what helped me get further along in my second pregnancy. I did take LDA and was watched very carefully by my OB and MFM. I was able to make it to 35+1 in comparison to 28+1 last time. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I did not have pre-e but I was most likely going to at some point due to some of the symptoms I was having at the time. It is a personal choice ( I didn't want to go through the what if's? if something did happen and we lost another child) I wanted to know everything that could be done was done.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby jean » Sun Nov 30, 639259 3:47 am

Yeah, my peri also said we shouldn't bother with bedrest since it's not proven to help. I was on bedrest for a few days with my first pg, and it was stressful. I got really tired of lying there all the time...it was also lonely..and frustrating that I couldn't do anything for myself.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby sam10 » Sun Nov 30, 639259 12:33 am

I work in an office with a fast paced and tense job, where sometimes emotions run high, the hours can be long. I like my job and found that after my loss it helped me to find hold and steadiness in my life and gave me something to do (I did work part time for a while, which was wonderful, but is no longer an option). I asked my MFM if a stressful job is something he would not recommend, and he said that stress in itself is not correlated with PE or any other pregnancy related issues. He mentioned though that stress can lead to negative side effects, like not enough sleep and rest, bad eating habits, strain on the body. He said to me to be aware of this, but he ok'd continuing my job when pregnant. So my plan is to keep going as long as I feel good about it and as long as it is safe. For me having the distraction of a job is helpful not to worry and think too much about everything that could go wrong. I also stopped planning so much ahead, b/c whenever I thought I could not do one thing or the other, b/c I might be pregnant, my life took a turn elsewhere. Having said that, I know that others feel differently about working.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby blythe » Sat Nov 29, 639259 7:29 pm

Jean, if it helps, our Experts have noted that bedrest is stressful, too...
viewtopic.php?f=19&t=9447&p=58241&hilit ... ess#p58241

We all do the best we can!
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby jean » Sat Nov 29, 639259 2:19 pm

I wish I could be a stay at home mom, but unfortunately can't afford to. I worked, despite our loss the first time, and am working again now. I am concerned that 3 mos might not be enough time off if I end up needing bedrest or something, but I don't know what else to do. :(
Our first son was born and passed in Feb of 2010. Born at 29 weeks due to HELLP and passed due to NEC. We miss him every day. :~(

Our second son was born at 39 weeks gestation in Nov of 2011. No HELLP or pre-e! Took LDA starting at week 12 and went off of it at week 38!


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Re: Did you still work?

Postby aajatwins » Sat Nov 29, 639259 6:15 am

Those are all such great answers, I just wanted to say that I totally agree. I am not a career person, I never wanted to be. My only job aside from mothering is professional photographer and I love it because I make up my own hours and I can turn down any jobs. I haven't done much of it since my twin pregnancy, but I keep up enough to be able to jump back in for friends and family. I taught MDO while pregnant with my twins - 5-6 hr days, 5 days a week. I loved it. But being in that setting with that many women did not jive with my crazy hormones. but it was definitely a lower stress job that I stopped working around 27 weeks and I still ended up with PIH and eclampsia. My husband and I feel it's important for me to be home with our kids (and since that is what I really want to do), so we make it work. It would be more stressful to me to have to work. I don't know how much that has contributed to this pregnancy going so well, but I am 35+2 and no signs of trouble.

so all that to say, you just need to weigh all the options and decide what will put your mind more at ease. And definitely the consult with MFM should play into that.
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby cmccaffrey » Sat Nov 29, 639259 2:37 am

In my pre-e pregnancy I worked 40+ hrs a week teaching and was very stressed out. I ended up not going back to that job after I got sick and lost Mason and have not found another job since. Our financial situation is better than it was in the past even without me working, so I have not felt terribly stressed about it. My doctor basically told me to do WHATEVER it takes to de-stress my life and not raise my blood pressure. I think it's because my doctors are really trying to avoid any bedrest for me since my history of a blood clot after my c-section. My husband and I decided it would be best if I didn't work for now... we can find me a job after we have our baby and we are both healthy. But I see what your saying about the possibilities of added expenses in a subsequent pregnancy. We have already paid $450 in generic lovenox (honestly it's not as expensive as it was when I developed my blood clot) since I found out I was pregnant and I am barely 20 weeks. Also, I see more doctors which means I have more co-payments and medical bills.

I would definitely consult with an MFM before you make any decisions. The doctor might not even suggest Lovenox as an option and then that would be one financial stresser lifted from your shoulders. Sorry if I'm not very helpful. I just decided that I wanted a COMPLETELY different pregnancy this time around and so we basically did everything the opposite to ensure that it happens (even though we know there are no guarantees in life).
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Re: Did you still work?

Postby uncskristy » Fri Nov 28, 639259 9:03 pm

Like Stephanie said, I think its going to depend on the sitution-family & work wise.
For me, I have worked full time through this pregnancy and will continue to work until the day before my c-section. I work between 40-45 hours a week in a office setting where what little I did have to lift before I now just get one of guys to lift and move for me. With the exception of a few times a week, I can keep my stress level pretty low here. And while my family would be fine on just my husband's salary, its mine that allows the extras we enjoy like eating out a lot, shopping a little too much and my four year old's current preschool so we did not want to go without my income. My docs have no problem with me working and would only even suggest bedrest/not working if my BP increased or my placenta tore again. I also plan on returning to work afterwards and I wanted to keep my same position within my organization-too long of a lapse would jeopardize that. And honestly, I think I would be more stressed at home with trying to keep up with my "spirited" four year old and housework. So in my case, continuing to work was the best option.
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