How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant agai

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant

Postby aajatwins » Wed Apr 26, 639262 9:28 pm

First, let me say that your HR sounds normal. I have a BP cuff at home and every time I've checked since I've been pregnant, my HR has been at least in the 80s. My husband thinks that's crazy! I didn't realize it was high until he said that, but you have more blood pumping through you right now for baby. I don't think it's enough higher than your normal to worry about.

As far as getting through the anxiety... everyone deals a little differently, of course. I personally have twin toddlers who keep my mind pretty far from anything else! I also have spent a great deal of time this pregnancy in prayer. I have to attribute any calm I have found to my faith.

That being said, I think any healthy way you can find to relax yourself is a huge help. When I was anxious about twin issues last pregnancy, I would do yoga. If you can try to imagine a 5ft tall woman pregnant with [big] twins doing yoga... pretty hilarious, actually. But it helped me breathe and focus on my goals. I also had those small goals of "get to 28 weeks" and then "get to 30 weeks" and then "get through the preterm labor" and then "get to 36 weeks." It was easier to look short term than long term, basically. Another thing I do more of pregnant is taking baths. I borrow the bubbles from the kiddos and get a book to read (or ice cream to eat) and just soak. That helps physically and mentally. The BP cuff at home can help reassure you that all is well in between those appts, just have to keep yourself accountable to only checking a couple of times a day as long as BP is good. And of course, there are always the ladies here on the boards to talk things out with! You know you are not alone and there are plenty of success stories to float you along.
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Re: How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant

Postby hypergirl_trlee » Sun Apr 16, 639262 8:51 am

It was extremely hard after I had my first at 28 weeks with sever PRE E.. She is a perfect little girl now but It was a horrifying experience to go through and very traumatizing. During my second pregnancy I was a nervous wreck. Having an amazing high risk doctor helped me a lot though. She saw me every week after about 25 weeks and did regular 24 hour urines and put me on baby aspirin throughout the pregnancy. I ended up delivering at 36 weeks with no Preeclampsia (my bp did raise a little after delivery, but I never had any protien or anything). I am pregnant again with my 3rd and I thought it would be easier this time.. It's not. I am still just as nervous but I just have to keep remembering that I am doing everything in my power to keep myself and this baby alive and healthy. I take my bps regularly at home, take all my medications, and do pilates every day. At least I feel this way that I have a little control and can monitor myself at home and let the doc. know what's going on while i'm not with her.

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Re: How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant

Postby z1ggy23 » Tue Apr 04, 639262 9:15 am

It took me a while to come to terms with what might happen (and later what was happening)... but finally I adopted the mantra of "It is what it is" and would just repeat that to myself anytime I started stressing over what was, what it meant, and what could be...

Also lots and lots of deep breaths, tears, and hugs from my husband. It also helped that I started asking my OB basically what she was thinking each week. I always knew where I stood, what our goals where, and where we were heading.
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Re: How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant

Postby hopkins » Mon Apr 03, 639262 8:21 am

It's really hard, but knowing that u need to stay positive and healthy for u and the baby is how I did it...also having a good support system around helps...I also played nice relaxing and soothing music to go to sleep to just left it on repeat and it seemed to help was waking up more rested and not as anxious...but mostly the good support from family and friends and positive thoughts...u will do fine just stay calm.

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How are you relieving your anxiety about being pregnant agai

Postby vit9109 » Mon Apr 03, 639262 6:28 am

Hi Ladies,
With our first son, who is now 2, we have severe PP pre-e after delivery. We are now pregnant with #2. We are 8 weeks along. I have felt over the past couple days more anxiety. My blood pressures I am checking throughtout the days. My HR as well. I have noticed that my HR's are 70-73. Yes, normal. However, I know usually they are 65-68. Now I know this is not significant change and all numbers are within normal ranges. But I am thinking I am feeling more anxiety just because of what happened first time around.
I was wondering how you ladies handle your anxiety and if you have any at all.

Please share!

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