Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Postby babus_boutique » Mon Jul 17, 639262 11:15 am

Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate it.

I live in a small town and the nearest high risk dr is probably about 2 hours or more away in a different state...

But I sincerly appreciate the feedback

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Re: Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Postby aajatwins » Mon Jul 17, 639262 12:05 am

I'm not sure why anyone would tell you the chances have decreased. In general, your chances of getting some kind of hypertensive disorder (PE, PIH) are higher than a woman who has not had it in previous pregnancies. Your chances are also higher than a woman who is pregnant for the first time (you last time around). But they are not astronomically higher. the literature says your chances of recurrence are anywhere from 5%-80%. So really, no one knows!

Basically, we're all afraid of it happening again - that's why we find each other here and ask questions and support each other. Many/most of us get a consultation with a high risk doctor or a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor before getting pregnant again. But the best thing you can do for yourself is educate yourself on what happened last time and what to look for this time. If you know what to look for in signs and symptoms, you can better advocate for yourself and your baby and, hopefully, better partner with your doctor to keep you healthy.

Generally speaking, most women who do develop PE in subsequent pregnancies do so at a later time and with less severity. But there are certainly members here who have experienced the opposite.
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Re: Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Postby Samantha7 » Sun Jul 16, 639262 8:43 pm

I agree, I'd ask to be referred to a high risk OB just to get some more in depth info. I don't know that they can tell you you're exact risks but I'm sure they can set your mind at ease some. In my case, I had my daughter (now 10 and happy & healthy) early due to PE at 27 weeks but had my son (now 8) at 38 weeks without having any PE problems til the very end. Even at the end it was just that my blood pressure started going up. I'm now pregnant for the 3rd and last time, due 12/25 and have been put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy due to mild PE.

Just think lot's of positive thoughts, most things are out of our hands and we can only make the best of whatever may happen :D

Good luck!

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Re: Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Postby uncskristy » Sun Jul 16, 639262 7:18 pm

Have you spoken with a high risk OB yet? If not see if your OB will refer you to one. Mine spoke with us much more in depth about our chances than our OB could have. He gave us two different numbers in my case-one for chances of getting early serious/early PE again and another number for mild PE. He also drew out a plan of things that would reduce my chances of getting PE again and sent it to my OB office for them to implement when I was pregnant. Good luck.
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Second pregnancy... Kinda scared

Postby babus_boutique » Sun Jul 16, 639262 1:19 pm

Im pregnant with baby number two. Im 5 months along now...

My last pregnancy I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia around month 7.
I was put on bed rest for the last month and a half of the pregnancy.

I asked one of the doctors at the office that I go to about the chances that I will get preeclampsia again....
She told me that since the father of this baby is the same as the last that the chances have decreased. Everything that i have read has told me that the chances of it happening again increase if you have had it during a previous pregnancy.

Im really scared that it will happen again.

Does anyone know about the risks of it happening again?

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