17 week appt.

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: 17 week appt.

Postby heather j » Wed Jun 13, 639551 7:30 pm

That's a good update! :) I wouldn't be worried about the weight. Really. I gained the most with my first (which was my PE pregnancy), and it was a lot. I think I gained around 30 with Ella. With Oliver, though, I thought I'd never gain. Each time I'd gain three, I'd lose at least two. I didn't gain anything until the second trimester, and I think I ended up having gained around 15 lbs by the time I delivered at 37 weeks. No one was really concerned, except to find some sort of med combo that would keep me from being sick (I was sick the entire pregnancy with him, most of it with my daughter, and only 10 weeks with my first). He was my biggest baby of the three (he weighed almost an ounce shy of 7 lbs) and the one I gained the least with. Your body just knows what it's doing now. ;)
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17 week appt.

Postby mommy2maddie » Sat Jun 02, 639551 9:03 pm

I just thought I would update :)

I had my 17 week appt today and everything looked great! BP was 120/80 (which is really REALLY good for me even on meds), and I just feel so confident this time around that I will have a termie. The only thing that my doc seemed a little concerned about is the fact that in the begginning I gained 7 pounds, I then lost 4 pounds in a month and now I havent gained any since then. I had the stomach flu last week so he said that could be why I havent gained any this month, and I told him I had morning sickness (which has thankfully gone away since my flu). I am a big girl so I thought that not gaining that much weight yet is good cuz I will gain a bunch later. Does anyone think I should be concerned?
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