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Re: Intro: No whammies!

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 639554 10:51 am
by MomTimesThree
Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

I hear ya on the kidney stones, ouch! :) As much as I was hoping for an "It's time" moment with our 2nd, I'm kinda glad we were already inpatient and could have a nice, well as nice as they get while on mag, controlled induction. It was so much calmer than our preemie delivery where everything was insane... it was a as healing a birth as could have been. But, with this one... it would kinda be nice to have that "normal" drive to the hospital... but hey... as long as I can take this lil' one home from the hospital... you won't see me complaining, not one bit! :)

Re: Intro: No whammies!

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 639554 8:24 pm
by trish
Welcome! Glad you found us but sorry you had to. And sorry to hear about the loss of your first LO. I hope that your BP behaves itself this time and that you get to have that "it's time" moment. I had 3 inductions (and only the middle one was scheduled) so we never had that moment. But after going to the hospital with kidney stones last year it made me grateful I never had to drive to the hospital in labor - LOL! Ouch!!

Intro: No whammies!

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 639554 1:20 am
by MomTimesThree
Hi There,
I'm so thankful to have found this site filled with so many amazing knowledgeable mommas! I've been lurking for awhile! :) We're currently pregnant with baby #3. Our 1st LO was born at 30w6d. We went into PTL at 29 weeks (in retrospect probably before but just didn't know). We had polyhydramnois and sadly she had a heart anomaly and passed away. We were shocked, as until 29 weeks it had been a relatively normal pregnancy and we just never thought we'd be "that" family.

When we got pregnant with #2 we were prepared for PTL so were taking progesterone and never in a million years thought we had to worry about pre-e! We had no risk factors. We were already seeing a MFM and OB because of our history. My blood pressure had always been pretty normal, more on the low side than anything else. Sometime during our 20-29 weeks, we started to have a few high BP readings and trace protein. Our first 24 hour was in the 100s, followed by a 240, and then by a perfect round 300 at 29 weeks with blood pressures in the 14x/7x or 8x. Proceeding the official diagnosis there had also been a few instances of having blood in my urine and through u/s found some backed up kidneys and possible stones. We went on modified bed rest and then was hospitalized at 36 weeks with readings of 17x/100. We were induced at 36w6d and our lil' bro was born at exactly 37 weeks. While we officially were diagnosed with pre-e both our doctors noted that it was atypical since our b/p was always bi-polar with a high sys number and low dys number. Our protein also bounced around (highest 675, lowest after 300: 295 while inpatient), and all other labs were always fine. It made them wonder if I had some underlying kidney issue (IgAN). I'd love to hear from other mommas who had an a-typical presentation.

Soooooo that brings us to pregnancy #3 and we are hoping for no whammies! My blood pressure has been normal since we gave birth to our 2nd. Our baseline protein at 10weeks was 195, again making drs think there's some underlying hypertension or kidney something or other. I was loosely monitoring my bp and getting nice normal low readings in the 1st trimester and then got scoldings from our MFM for not doing it twice daily and writing them down (love our MFM!). So I've started that and am bummed to see it trending at 13x/6x. We'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and will start our progesterone shots again, once again hoping PTL stays away... and crossing all crossables that we get to be pre-e free and finally, finally have one of those picture perfect pregnancies with a normal "it's time!" moment.

Sorry this was way longer than I anticipated! I look forward to reading everyone's updates and am crossin' crossables for no whammies for everyone! :)