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Re: 15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 07:18 pm
by sam10
Do you happen to know what your usual non-pregnant BP is? I just wonder how much your readings are higher than your usual. Perhaps it might be a good idea to check your BP at home, as mine are always slightly higher at the docs.

Re: 15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 04:19 pm
by laeta904
It was about the same (high 130s/mid 80s) at my 8wk appt, and I thought that one was a fluke, so this is the second elevated reading at this appt. I will be monitoring at home from now on, but I think it is reasonable to go ahead and start the meds with my history. I had also mentioned some strange episodes of distorted vision about once a week, and my OB immediately recognized what I was describing as possibly related to high BP as well.

Re: 15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 02:30 pm
by angieb
Is that the only slightly elevated reading you've had? Are you monitoring your bp at home? I had a few higher than normal readings for me (about what yours were), earlier in my pregnancy. I watched it at home and ended up getting hospitalized for almost a week (unrelated to pre-e/hellp, long story), they took my blood pressure regularly then and it was rarely over 100/60 even though it had been around 130/80 days before at my OB appointment. That was a couple months ago and my bp is still very normal, (about 115/70's), if they had started me on meds at 13 weeks when I had one fluke higher reading at the OB's office (135/85'ish), my bp would probably be bottoming out right now.

My blood pressure fluctuated my entire pregnancy with DS, it never did get and stay high, though we delivered him at 36 weeks due to my prior classical c-section.

Re: 15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 09:23 am
by laeta904
Heather, thank you for responding. My BP was only slightly elevated like I said, 138/84. She didn't mention anything at my appointment about diagnosing it as chronic HTN, but it is possible that is what we are dealing with. I am aware that just having elevated BP early does not automatically mean that I will develop Pre-e again, so I still have some hope. I am seeing an OB who is qualified for high risk, and she knew before I started with her what my history was from last time (asked me a ton of questions about exactly what happened). I received several recommendations for this OB based on what happened to me last time, so I feel comfortable with her.

Re: 15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:44 pm
by blythe
Sorry to hear your bp is up already! My understanding is that if your bp goes up before 20 weeks that you're considered a chronic hypertensive, even if your bps are normal outside pregnancy. The thinking is that the physical stress of pregnancy unmasks chronic htn in similar ways that getting older or gaining weight can. Our experts tell us that chronic hypertensives have about a 25% chance of developing superimposed PE, which is just like regular PE except it might have different origins (we just don't know).

Does that match up with what your docs are saying for your individual case? I just wanted to give you hope that I don't think you are automatically doomed for PE again.

For myself, after learning everything I could after baby #1, when my bp was suddenly diagnostic at 37 weeks with #2, it made perfect sense to induce and everything went fine. When my bp spiked at 26 weeks with #3 I was more than a little taken aback :). It was like a whole new world, even after being here on the forums for years. Vent and share away, the details of our experiences are different, but I think we do understand!!

Are you seeing an MFM this pregnancy?

15wks with baby #2, BP slightly elevated, ugh!

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 07:49 pm
by laeta904
I had rapidly progressing preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome starting at 37wks with my son, and due to my lab results getting worse very quickly, I delivered via c-section the next day. As I am sure most of y'all are familiar, it was very scary. I had really hoped that I would be one of the lucky ones who did not experience that again; however, at my 15wk appt on Monday for this new pregnancy, my BP was slightly elevated. With my son, my BP was never over 130/80 until the very end when things got so bad so fast. I am bummed that it is looking like things are starting way earlier this time. My OB is closely monitoring me and wants me to start on nifedipine right away. I agree with proactive treatment, especially considering how fast everything developed last time. However, it still makes me nervous to start a new med. My family understands, since they went through the experience with me last time, but this is not something that I want to share with the general public, so I'm so glad to have someplace to come with other women who will understand. :)