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Re: Question for loss moms

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:18 am
by Petunia
I actually know Laura, I found her when I was looking for hope before we were pregnant again. Thanks!

Re: Question for loss moms

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 09:59 pm
by angieb
That does seem too coincidental to not be related.

Your story reminds me a lot of Laura's. ... ile&u=8634 She doesn't post much anymore but I will point your post out to her.

Question for loss moms

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 04:29 pm
by Petunia
I know this question will bring up emotions and I hope you don't mind me asking... but I don't know where else to go to ask this. First a really quick re-cap of my first pregnancy: at our anatomy scan baby boy is measuring ahead by a week or so, around 20 weeks swelling starts, carpal tunnel starts but no high BP and no protein in the office dip-test. Since my pregnancy is "normal" I'm not seen frequently. At my 31 week appointment I'm now visibly VERY swollen, and just start seeing a new OB, my BP is slightly high. Between the swelling and b/p he orders a 24hr urine and kidney panel blood work. 32 weeks, preeclampsia confirmed, I'm sent to L&D for a weekend to be monitored. Baby does well on monitoring, he is measuring small, but not alarmingly so. My b/p is controlled on meds, so they send us home at 32w 5. I wake up the next morning, something is wrong, I know he hasn't moved all night. Go into L&D and confirm that we lost our sweet boy. We opted not to do an autopsy, but pathology of the placenta was perfectly normal, baby looked great, no cord knots or cord around his neck. He was perfect.

So here comes the question, our MFM says these two events aren't related. He says that the pathology on the placenta just doesn't show any evidence of clotting, abruption, anything that would be caused by the pre-e. Our OB on the other hand says it seems too coincidental to call them unrelated, he doesn't offer an explanation, but like me just feels like they can't be separate. For one, at our anatomy scan he was measuring ahead, then we don't have any more u/s but by the time he's born he was only 3lb 13oz at 33 weeks. In my time as a loss mom I've since encountered one other woman with a similar story-- she was diagnosed with pre-e and then her son died, of an "unexplained stillbirth." So I'm wondering if you all know anything about the connection, or if you have a similar story? I know this is a quest for answers I may never get... but I just can't help but want to know what happened to my son.