13 weeks with high blood pressure

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: 13 weeks with high blood pressure

Postby Raposa » Fri Apr 20, 639579 3:00 pm

This is almost exactly what I'm going through with this pregnancy, except my high blood pressures started at 7-8 weeks! I had normal blood pressure prior to the pregnancy, so this hit me pretty much out of the blue. I'm up to 22 weeks now, taking labetalol. Finally got the 2nd trimester dip so that my pressures didn't go up for the first time this whole pregnancy between visits, but I lost some weight due to sticking to a low salt diet.

I've had to go on bedrest. Even though the pressures held steady, I was exhausted after a full day at work and was having weekend migraines every week. :( It's not full bedrest.. I can run an errand or two and do some light housework, as long as I don't push myself and lie down any time I feel tired. I usually end up taking a nap with my toddler in the afternoon to get by. Hang in there, and do what you need to stay healthy.
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Re: 13 weeks with high blood pressure

Postby mychaelelaine » Thu Mar 29, 639579 6:49 pm

I'm sorry! I know how terrifying it is. I got to 34 weeks before the pre-e diagnosis but had high readings starting around 31 weeks, I think. Either 31 or 32. Anyway, baby and I are just fine! He only stayed in nicu a week. I wish you well! Thoughts and prayers sent your way.
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Re: 13 weeks with high blood pressure

Postby afaiz » Wed Mar 28, 639579 10:53 pm

Hi I know it's hard but at least the blood pressure can be controlled with pills having normal labs & urine is great wishing you the best. :-)

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Re: 13 weeks with high blood pressure

Postby nov_mum » Sun Mar 18, 639579 9:55 am

I had m BP rise at 17 weeks. It was 180/106 and I am being medicated for it. I have had three previous pregnancies with PIH that turned in to PE and all were healthy despite being induced earlier than planned. I am currently 24 weeks and bp is stable in low dose labetalol. Often people tick along with borderline BP and it ends up medicated eventually. You will soon be hitting the point where your bp might settle for a few weeks and then wil pick up again after the dip (2nd tri dip). That is often when meds come in to it and your body doesn't respond as well to rest as the fetus is demanding more and the baseline rises overall.

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13 weeks with high blood pressure

Postby cgoodi1 » Sun Mar 18, 639579 1:35 am

So it alwyas helps me to hear some people who have had similar stories to mine and have had babies and I'm hoping some of you have positive stories to share. I had preeclampsia and HELLP with my last pregnancy and lost the baby at 21 weeks. Now I'm pregnant for a second time and am 13 weeks pregnant. Last visit I found out my pressure was really high and while monitoring it frequently at home we've discovered that when I'm on my feet it's high but if I'm relaxing and sitting it's normal. Doctors have now put me on modified bed rest and so I can't work anymore (I'm a teacher and my pressure is highest at work). I feel terrified to be having issues with pressure so early. My blood and urine tests are all ok but I can't help feel like I'm setting myself up for another failure. Anyone have high blood pressure early but still ended up woth a surviving baby? Or did people with high blood pressure early lose their little ones? The doctors can't medicate me because when I sit my blood pressure goes back tp 120/80 and they're scared it'll go too low. I'm on low dose heparin and aspirin along with some vitamins and don't have any other issues outside of pregnancy just to let you know my background.
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