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Re: 3rd time's a charm?

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 03:27 am
by nov_mum
I had PE at 34 weeks with my first, induced at 35 weeks. 2nd pregnancy BP was off by 33 weeks but no meds and was induced at 38 weeks with PE. Third pregnancy I had BP issues at 22 weeks and ended up on meds. I got to 36+6 til I was induced. This time around, number 4 and BP off at 17 weeks but am trucking along just fine. My new OB is mad and thinks I have a low likelihood of induction but we will see and hope he is right. I am definitely finding my body hits a wall earlier each pregnancy (with my second I think I was symptomatic earlier but I didn't check it out with my MW) but I also find my outcome are just fine. Good luck.

Re: 3rd time's a charm?

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:46 am
by cc
Thanks Julie! Congrats to you too :) I decided to go with the hospital midwife group. I'll meet with an OB they consult with at some point to just meet them for the "in case" scenario. Til then I'll just keeping taking my daily baby aspirin and checking my BP :)

Re: 3rd time's a charm?

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 01:06 pm
by julieb
Congrats :) I am also on #3 and had severe early onset PE with #1 and only rising BP and delivery at 36 weeks with #2. My MFM told me that because I had BP issues in both of my pregnancies my chances of having BP issues this time are very high and I can pretty much assume it will happen. We are hoping no PE but planning on BP issues at some point. I hope that you find a care provider you are comfortable with soon and that you have a smooth pregnancy ahead of you!

3rd time's a charm?

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 08:38 pm
by cc
I'm back for round 3 :) My short background - in 2009, 35 wks into pg with DD started developing high BP, bed rest, full blown pre-e, induction at 37 wks and then the super fun post partum pre-e with mag/sulf. All with midwives at a birthing center. Was on BP meds for 8 wks PP. 2011- 35 wks with DD high BP again, bed rest, starting raising so induction at 37 wks - don't think it was actually classified as pre-e but PIH (but I can't remember the was only 19 mo ago!) with same midwife group. Was on BP meds for 15 mo PP.

Surprise pregnancy and we've moved half way across the country. I'd prefer to go the midwife and birthing center route again BUT the laws here are much different and so far I haven't found a midwife group that hasn't told me that they'd transfer me at the rise of BP at all. That doesn't make much sense for me to start with one care provider (and pay for one) to get sent to another at the final weeks (and pay for the full bill for another.) I'm 15 wks so I def need to find a place but the thought of a hospital birth is really freaking me out.

Any idea what the stats are for someone like me? I'm *assuming* I'll get at minimum PIH again. I spoke to my former midwife today and she said she'd recommend me start medication while pregnant this time even though I never have before.

Okay. So there ya go, little intro and a question :)