Csection questions

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Csection questions

Postby amjon » Tue Oct 15, 639889 2:28 pm

I didn't find the binder all that helpful really. The only thing that helped was taking the pain meds on schedule. They didn't give me mag and I had BP up to 160/110 (was actually sent home after a few hours with just a script for regular BP meds).

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Re: Csection questions

Postby princess purr » Sun Sep 05, 639886 10:13 pm

I haven't had my second C-section yet, but with my first I had NO bleeding. Just a little bit of spotting. From what I have read/heard the sooner you get up and start moving the better. You might have been in so much pain because you were down for three days right after. After my first csection I also went with the sexy hospital undies and then switched over to the granny undies. My outside cut was across though, so that might have made it more comfortable (inside cut was up and down). I don't remember being in a ton of pain other then trying to stand up/sit down etc. Felt like really soar muscles. My daughter passed away two days after she was born, so I think the emotional pain kind of won over the physical pain. I also refused pain meds after we lost her because I was worried about using them for the wrong reasons/getting addicted, so the pain for me physically must not have been toooo bad. We bought a rocker/recliner because gliders just don't look all that comfy to me. We have it in what will be the babies room but I keep playing with the idea or moving it to the living room or getting a second one for the living room. Good luck!!!
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Re: Csection questions

Postby angieb » Wed Aug 04, 639886 3:52 am

Yay I'm so glad you are doing well!
1. What would you recommend for feelings? Glider/recliner? Or just glider/ottoman?
We have a rocker/recliner, I love it for the baby (it's in our living room and I use it every day), but I don't know that it really makes a difference in regards to c-section.
2. What should I pack for after pants/nighties? Dresses?
I changed out of the hospital gown as soon as I could, I just am more comfortable wearing my own clothes. I wore the hospital-provided mesh undies (sexy :)) and loose pants and a nursing tanktop for postpartum in the hospital with both my boys. I am not comfortable in gowns/dresses though, whatever is comfortable for you, I would pack it. Pants never bothered my incision, I made sure the waistband didn't rub where the incision was and it wasn't a problem.
3. Csection binders helpful?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Especially after the first one. A little helpful after the second one. I hardly even used it after the third one. I don't know why I needed it less after the third one, maybe I was just used to it? But it did help.
4. Heat packs/ ice packs for incision pain?
I didn't have this after my first or second c-sections, but I did get a rice pack that they heated for me with my most recent c-section and it did feel really nice when I was getting achy. But I could have lived without it.
5. Will bleeding be more?
I think I bled about the same all 3x. For about 6 weeks, but off and on sometimes.
6. What type of underwear was less painful after the surgery?
I "borrowed" a few of the mesh kind from the hospital but really was fine in just regular bikini style underwear.
7. What if anything can I do to make the process smoother?
Get up and move around as soon as they'll let you! Ask your doctor if they plan to do staples or dissolvable stitches to sew things up--if you get a choice/input--request the dissolvable stitches, they don't need to be removed and from what I've heard aren't as painful as staples which do have to be removed later. With my first two c-sections, I had an epidural, which sucked a lot because it wasn't placed that great and it hurt my back while I was recovering. With my most recent c-section, I had a combined spinal-epidural. They had to put the epidural in just to make sure the spinal didn't run out while they were still doing surgery, but they removed it as soon as my surgery was over while the spinal was still in. It was soooo much easier on my back. If I could, I would just have the spinal in (which is just a shot in your back instead of the epidural where they insert a tube), but they told me that with people who have had more than 1 c-section, they almost always do a combined spinal-epidural just to make sure the spinal doesn't wear off too quickly if they have to take awhile with all the scar tissue and stuff. But all three times, for me, getting the epidural was the worst part because they never do place it right the first time and it hurts really bad when they "miss". So discuss your pain management options with your doctor and I personally had a much better time with the spinal vs. the epidural.
8. What was your bp at to determine if you need mag? My pressures have gone up and hover between 120-130/80-90 and I'm on modified taking it easy bed rest but not on any bp medications.
My bp was pretty similar by the end, my doctors did not put me on mag and were not even the slightest bit concerned since they were still mostly normal-ish. I doubt they would put you on mag until you were officially pre-eclamptic at 140/90, but probably even higher. I would ask your doctors about that, though.

For me, each c-section has been a much easier recovery than the previous one. I was picking up my 28 lb toddler in the hospital while still recovering this last time and made them discharge me a day early but really could have easily left two days earlier if they would have let me. (I had to beg and plead to get out of there a day early and even then they tried really hard to talk me out of going but my blood pressure and everything was normal and I was up and walking around easily. I was fine at home and my bed is way more comfortable then the hospital bed and it's hard to get comfortable breastfeeding in the hospital, for me.)

Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!
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Re: Csection questions

Postby sam10 » Sat Jul 10, 639886 11:44 pm

My first c-section was an emergency classical and my second one a repeat section. Both times I did not feel much pain during my recovery and both times I was on my feet moving 2 days postpartum. Preeclampsia and the awful magnesium were much worse to deal with. I think what helped a lot was taking all the pain medication. What I did not expect is that my second section lasted a lot longer, as the doctors "cleaned up" all the scar tissue from the previous section.

1. I did not have either, but my baby had trouble breastfeeding at first due to her small size. For a while it was easier to feed her while standing/walking. But every baby is different, and I would think a glider with ottoman might be nice. One mom told me that she liked to sit on the exercise ball.

2. I used the hospital gowns at first, they were the most comfortable and then I used oversized (two size up) yoga pants and and nursing tops. Just check that there is no stitching at the hight of your incision.
3. Did not have those.
4. Did not ice or warm my scar.
5. With a c-section you should expect less bleeding, but women are all different.
6. I tried many different kinds and found the hospital underwear the least painful. I know they are not all that stylish, but they do the trick.
7. I would suggest to take the pain meds, and try to walk as soon as possible as per your doctors/nurses instructions. Movement helps. I also insisted on a changing table, which made changing baby so much easier, especially at the beginning. Try to get help with the cooking and cleaning and have your husband help with the baby. Or pre-cook a few meals and freeze them in 1 or 2 person portions.
8. I had a few high readings in the range of 160/98 (or so; can't remember exactly), which was the deciding factor for delivery. I only got the mag after delivery.

Let us know how it goes :D
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Csection questions

Postby afaiz » Sat Jul 10, 639886 3:23 am

Hello ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well I had some questions about recovery from the classical incision csection? I had an emergency csection last year jan2012 due to eclamptic seizures. I was under general anesthesia and don't really remember much of the first 3 days. When I woke up I was in so much pain And my little girl had also passed away due to prematurity. I was in so much pain physically emotionally and mentally I didn't want to move and couldn't do anything. I recovered physically about 3 weeks after I was feeling good to walk around sit by myself etc...I am currently pregnant again scheduled for a repeat csection on July 24. And was hoping someone whose been through this type if csection could help?

1. What would you recommend for feelings? Glider/recliner? Or just glider/ottoman?
2. What should I pack for after pants/nighties? Dresses?
3. Csection binders helpful?
4. Heat packs/ ice packs for incision pain?
5. Will bleeding be more?
6. What type of underwear was less painful after the surgery?
7. What if anything can I do to make the process smoother?
8. What was your bp at to determine if you need mag? My pressures have gone up and hover between 120-130/80-90 and I'm on modified taking it easy bed rest but not on any bp medications.

I am positive that this time will be better bc I will hopefully have a healthy baby at the end

Thanks so much for your help

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