I need to vent

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: I need to vent

Postby angieb » Thu Aug 01, 2013 09:03 pm

It has been 7 years since DH was in the AF but when he was in there was a Patient Advocate type person for these types of situations. There is no way I would be okay with that even if I had to show up at the base commander's door myself. (I would just start taking it up the chain of command and not stop until they refer you out.) Alternatively, can you call Tricare and request a consult through them...
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Re: I need to vent

Postby jenh » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:17 am

That is frustrating. I can't imagine a cardiologist saying, "I know you've had three heart attacks, but that's not relevant to your current heart health." I don't know much about military health care, other than the horror stories I've heard. Can you get a second opinion from or transfer care to someone outside the military?

I would encourage you to insist they document your concerns in writing in your chart along with their response, something like "Patient requests referral to high-risk OB due to past history, I have not referred her at this time, her prior history being irrelevant to her current pregnancy." "Patient requests thorough ultrasound to check for multiples due to having conceived twins in the past, two minute check performed." Then get a copy of your chart to make sure they wrote it down. Many doctors will step up their care when they realize there will be proof if they have ignored your concerns and something goes wrong.
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I need to vent

Postby anrmacon » Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:08 am

So, I'm pregnant again! Baby #6 is due this winter. :P After the shock wore off, we're excited. Nervous, but excited.
I contacted my last medical team from the last state we lived in and got my records faxed to my husband's office. Then, I began the process of enrolling in the OB clinic at this military installation. The nurse I saw for my first appointment, which was just to verify I was pregnant, talked to the OB department about getting me in sooner than the usual end of first trimester and about Deplin since I am "blessed" with MTHFR. Their reply, "She'll be fine on regular folic acid and we'll see her like every other patient." Oookay....

I did go in at 7wks for my intake appointment, which is purely administrative. You sit down with a nurse and go over your lab work you should've already had done- HIV, blood typing, etc. Nothing special. SHE thought I should be seen in the Complicated OB clinic (COB), so she made an appointment for the next day for a records review with an OB to see if I "qualify." The next day, I go in with a detailed medical history:

1) Preeclampsia, induced at 36+6, stayed in hospital 4 days after delivery while baby was taken to regional NICU for 2wks. I was sick.
2) Preeclampsia began developing, but had SROM at 37wks. 6hrs after SROM, baby was born. BP prior to delivery was 162/100. Doctors dismissed pre-e concerns, but husband (lab tech) checked for urine the week prior and it was 1+ at that time. Can only guess if I had true pree by delivery or not.
3) Pree develped at 35wks, but clinic was full at military hospital and couldn't be seen for 3wks, at which point I was promptly induced. I *should* have gone to ER instead of dealing with those fools. Lesson learned.
4)Pree develped at 27wks, spent 10wks on bedrest, induced.
5)Subchorionic hemorrhage at 6wks, resulting in loss of one of the twins. Some bp fluctuations, but never developed pree (hooray!!). At 38wks, SROM- had a placental abruption and was thrown into precipitious labor. Baby was born healthy within 30min.

So, that's the abbreviated version, she got more details. She basically said my OB history is "irrelevant" as nothing may happen this time and I'm to be followed by the midwives in the group like any other patient that's not high risk. No perinatologist, nothing. Also, having the MTHFR gene mutation has no bearing on my pregnancy, according to her. Um, WTH does she not understand about every.single.pregnancy.having.complications?! I'm not talking about some morning sickness here, I'm talking about life threatening conditions! Grrrrr!!!!! :x

She is young. And I don't think she's all that experienced with patients like me. I have another appointment scheduled, with the midwives, in a couple of weeks. It's for an OB physical, which I'm denying. I don't need a PAP and I see no need to do one when it's not due. Further, I don't want anyone feeling around inside me right now. My cervix has been hurting, which I told her and she totally dismissed as normal pregnancy. I checked myself a couple of days ago, and I was dilating. After consulting a friend that's an OB nurse, I've been taking it very, very easy and pushing fluids. Since then, I'm closing back up and am no longer dilated at all, thankfully. I'm curious if my last delivery could've damaged my cervix somehow, and I know it's possible, just wondering if that's the problem. :( If it continues, I'll have the midwife check it out. Until then, I'm limiting what I pick up and how much running I do. I told her I'm concerned it may be twins. She put an ultrasound probe on my abdomen for all of 20-30 seconds and said, "I see a flutter, so it has a heartbeat" but didn't look for a second little sprout. I wasn't quite a week ahead of when I went in for the subchorionic hemmorhage with my last twins, and they had to really, really search to find the second sprout. All I'm sure of on this one is my uterus is already above my pubic bone (I'm 8wks), I already can't stand to lay on my stomach since it feels like laying on a baseball, I have more morning sickness than ever before, and I stinking LOOK 4mos pregnant and I've gained 1lb- certainly not enough to give me this belly. I seriously can't see my toes when looking straight down. This is not normal for me. But she dismissed ALL of my concerns, ALL of my past history, and ALL the research and studies I mentioned. :x Sure, if I were eating donuts and cookies all day long, I could totally understand the belly, and yes, I do show early because I have such a short torso. But by show, I mean a pudge, not a full blown soccer ball look! And there are very few foods I can stomach and most of them are low fat/low calorie- like green juice (spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, and apple), or one slice of toast with a thin layer of peanut butter on it (one of my few protein sources right now). I can handle small amounts of cheese- like 1/2 a slice. I can't do sweet foods, greasy foods, a lot of meat, anything strongly flavored unless it's spicy or salty, onions, milk, etc. So, I'm not being a pig and yes, twins are in my family. Frankly, I'm not sure my body can handle twins since it struggles with singletons. I just want a doctor who will CARE enough to LISTEN and actually get off their butts and check things out. Why does that seem to be too much to ask?! :cry:
Thanks for letting me vent; I'm sure you all can understand to varying degrees where I'm coming from. :)

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