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Re: 35 weeks- oh no :(

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 639889 2:24 pm
by amjon
I was diagnosed at 34 weeks with my twins, but they held off until my planned 37 week delivery. (Though I don't agree with holding off that long as around 36 weeks I started getting dangerously high BP and my OB kept sending me home, when the MFM wanted me delivered if I showed any sign of pre-e getting worse.)

Re: 35 weeks- oh no :(

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 639887 10:13 pm
by MomTimesThree
Aww boo, sorry for the hiccup!! I still say you gave pre-e a pretty good kick in the buttl!! I hope the 24 comes back low and you cruise through the next 12 days!!

All crossables crossed!

Re: 35 weeks- oh no :(

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 639887 9:23 pm
by sam10
Keeping my fingers crossed you get to your scheduled section date.

35 weeks- oh no :(

Posted: Thu Jun 23, 639887 8:57 pm
by ellemoon
Well, I had my 35 week check up today. I can't believe I've made it this far!
BUT... my BP was elevated at 140/86. I wasn't surprised because I was nervous about the cervix check. (weird, I know) but then she told me my urine showed 2+ protein. :( I only have 2 more half days left to work, then I'm off for a week before scheduled c-section on August 12th. (So, I only have 12 more days until baby's arrival).
So, I have to check my BP when I get to work (I work in my OB office). If it is high again, I am going to be sent home and will start bedrest. I also have to start a 24 hour urine collection in the morning and the drew a CBC and Liver Function Tests. My Dr said she wasn't worried at all and she said as long as it isn't severe (which she doesn't think it is) She will not deliver me before my scheduled c-section at 37 weeks.
I was hoping I was going to avoid pre-e this time and I say I kicked it's butt... but it doesn't look like it. :( I am SO thankful though that I have made it this far and everything still looks on track to deliver baby at full term. I also have a growth scan and my regular NST on Friday. I had an NST yesterday and baby looked great.

So, I'm just hoping that the 24 hour isn't too high and I'm able to cook this baby for 12 more days!