Advice Needed?

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby caryn » Sun Oct 27, 2013 08:30 pm

Labetalol makes an awful lot of people feel weird, because it's an older med that hasn't had the side effects engineered out of it. But that's why we use it in pregnancy - it has a long history of use in pregnant women with no issues for the fetus. In particular, lots of women report itchy scalps. But it does usually do a pretty good job with pressures. :)
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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby MomTimesThree » Thu Oct 24, 2013 05:02 pm

Glad you had a good experience with your new OB.

I too had a few days of feeling weird when I started Labetalol, kinda light headed sluggish- I think my body was so used to operating on high BP, that it took a few days to adjust to the new normal. If you're concerned about your side effects you can always discuss them with your doctor.

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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby IBackBevo » Thu Oct 24, 2013 03:51 pm

Thanks! I saw the new OB. She was great! So glad I switched. She put me on BP meds. I think the name of it is Labetalol. It is making me feel sort of weird, though.

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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby kaxy » Thu Oct 24, 2013 01:29 pm

What in the world?! So if your systolic pressure was only 2 points higher, that would be worth them seeing you for, but not that? I have no medical training so I don't know how far 158 is from 160, but in my mind it sounds close enough.

Glad you are seeing another OB tomorrow. Perhaps you need bp meds. Either way, I hope this new OB takes you seriously!
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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby IBackBevo » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:35 pm

Yeah, low blood sugar can cause high bp . Especially high diastolic bp. And that is usually my problem. It seems like my bp goes through the roof after I work out...which would also likely be when my blood sugar was at its lowest. I am pretty sure I have issues with low blood sugar, though.

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Re: Advice Needed?

Postby angieb » Tue Oct 22, 2013 04:42 pm

Yeesh. I am glad you are seeing a new OB.That is ridiculous!

Yes, it does sound like to me that you may need bp meds. Can you monitor your bp throughout the day to see how it is otherwise? I have never heard of low blood sugar making bp high.
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Advice Needed?

Postby IBackBevo » Tue Oct 22, 2013 03:34 pm

I had severe pre-e and IUGR with my son. He was born in September 2012. I am now 10 weeks pregnant.

On Friday, I started getting a really bad headache. Felt very much like the headaches I had when I had pre-e. I took my blood pressure. It was 158/86. (Prior to this, it had been normal.) I called the OB. They told me to call back if it got to 160/100...otherwise, just come in at my next appointment in 3 weeks. My headache lasted the rest of the day. I laid on the couch the rest of the day and took it easy. My BP went down within a couple of hours.

Driving home yesterday, I started seeing bright lights and floaters and stars in my vision. It was so bad, I considered pulling over. I was literally fixing to turn into my neighborhood, so just drove home. Within a few minutes of being home, my vision was so blurry and I was seeing so many floaters, that I basically could not see at all. I took my BP 148/99. I ate something, laid on the couch and started feeling better. My BP went back down, but I got a headache that is still today (23 hours later) bothering me!

I can't get through at my Ob's office so I faxed them a message (in writing) telling them the problems I was having . Nothing. No return phone call. I have very little faith in them so today I made an appointment with another OB, but can't get in until Friday. Any advice? Thoughts? Opinions?

Why do I have normal (even low) BP when I am not pregnant, but I get knocked up and up, up, up it goes?

I know this can't be pre-e yet...maybe PIH or chronic hypertension.

The only thing saving my sanity is that my husband is a physician, although his specialty is about as far in the opposite direction from this as is possible. He thinks that I might need to be on BP meds. Also, he thinks maybe this is exacerbated either by low blood sugar or working out. Both times I had been working out before this happened and I have had some symptoms a few times that seems like low blood sugar...of course, I don't know because I didn't have a blood sugar machine around to test it. Again, any thoughts or advice?

I'm just trying to figure out what, if anything, I should do until my appointment on Friday. I hate just sitting here stressing about my BP and feeling like I'm in limbo...

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