Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby diane_uk » Sat Jan 27, 637342 10:15 am

April, I hope you start feeling better soon! It is great that you are keeping a close eye on things and being monitored so closely.

I am due on 9th June (31 weeks at the moment) and I have just started to experience more swelling than usual, however my bp is not going up yet. I think 32 weeks is a great milestone, however it also seems to be a time when your body is under extra strain.

I delivered by emergency c-section last time at 34 weeks (although my medical records say 32) and had a 3lb 12oz girl who did great from the start. She looked just like a perfect baby, just smaller. I remember she was on a ventilator for a few hours, but following this she had no problems. She was in the NICU for 3 weeks, but this was required to get her weight and her bottle feeding to a certain level.
The hardest part for me was not being able to hold her as often as I had wanted and all I wanted for the entire time was to take her home. On the plus side, I had 2 weeks at home to recover from my c-section and by the time she came home she was almost sleeping right through the night!

I hope you make it to at least 36 weeks, but if things happen sooner I really wouldn't be worried at this stage.

Diane xx

Mum to Sadie, born 34 weeks - severe HELLP/PE
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julie f
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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby julie f » Thu Jan 18, 637342 1:24 am

April, I am keeping you and baby in my prayers, I pray that there are several healthy weeks yet to come.

Julie (28)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

Jackson Charles 01/24/05, 36wks 6dys - NO PE!!

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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby april » Wed Jan 17, 637342 9:47 pm

I wanted to thank everyone for all of your kind words and encouragement. It really makes me feel better. I will keep everyone posted on how things go. And my Dr. did say that she will start the steriods right away if I go in the hospital preterm.

dd-Natalie 3/10/04(pasted away after 1 hr.) induced labor at 23wks and 5 days due to severe PE/HELLP


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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby sandyr » Wed Jan 17, 637342 8:30 pm

Hi there, sorry things are not so great, haven't had a chance to read everyones responses, but my little girl Laci was just born at 31 weeks 5 days and she did just great! She was in NICU for 5 days (2 days on CPAP) and then in special care for 21 days. She tolerated feeds right from the start and was having breastfeeds at just before 33 weeks. She was discharged at 35 weeks 3 days and is now term and doing great, breastfeeding and gaining weight well

I wish you all the best

Sandy (Australia)
Mum to
Piper Born at 26 weeks. 7th Jan 04. Passed on 22nd Jan 04. (chronic hypertension, PE, Severe IUGR).

And now... Mum to Laci who arrived safely at 31.5 weeks on 4th Feb 2005. (PE)

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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby megansmom » Wed Jan 17, 637342 8:59 am

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck. Our little Megan was born at 34 weeks 2 days. She weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs 1 oz. She was on the ventilator for a few hours and the cpap for a couple of days. She spent a total of 12 days in the NICU before coming home with us. She is a normal 3 year old now. Just keep that baby cooking as long as possible, every day counts. Stay off your feet and let us know how you are doing.

Mama to Megan, severe PE with mild HELLP at 34 wks

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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby logansmom » Wed Jan 17, 637342 7:58 am

My DS was born just 2 days short of 32 weeks. He was on a c-pap for a day or two, then on oxygen for about a month during his NICU stay. It was a rather uneventful month where he learned to suck and gained a bit of weight. He stayed until he was a little over 4 pounds and needed no oxygen. We came home with a heart monitor because he had one apnea episode when he was 1 or 2 days old. I actually liked having the monitor as a peace of mind and can't quite figure out how we are going to get any sleep if our upcoming baby doesn't need one.

Today Logan is a HEALTHY 3 year old. He weighs in at 40 pounds and is 40 inches. He is much more verbal than his peers and even plays ice hockey. His only indication of his preemie status is a FAINT scar from a hernia surgery he needed.

Try to keep a positive outlook. If things are just starting to turn for you I would bet that you will be able to keep it cooking for another 2-3 weeks (at least) under close supervision. I was wishing for at least a 30 weeker, but have hit 34 weeks today. I am absolutely relaxed that if things start to turn for me all will be fine. After I crossed the 32 week mark I felt so much better. I think 32 weekers do very well in general.

Rachel - severe pre-eclampsia 1st pregnancy
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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby madeleine » Wed Jan 17, 637342 7:56 am

Hey there, April, please try not to worry -- thinking positively might just help that bp!! I would say definitely do the bedrest as much as possible -- a variance seems to be normal depending on activity -- mine stays around 120/80 as long as I'm good about the bedrest but when I'm up and active it gets to 140s/95's, too.

We had a scare similar to yours a few weeks ago, too -- I was put on full bedrest at about 31 weeks because of my bps doing what yours are (and didn't get a p/e diagnosis but pih) and now I'm at 35 and labs are still fine.

The 24-hr urine can change, too. Mine was 360 at 31 weeks and just below 300 the following week with a follow-up-- so be sure to be drinking plenty of water b/c dehydration can "concentrate" your urine -- also can help with the headaches.

I got severe p/e at 32 plus a few days with my last baby in '02 -- my little guy was just over 4 lbs and needed two weeks in the NICU to stabilize body temps, breathing and weight gain. He is a rambunctious 32-pounder nowadays.

Have they said anything about maybe giving steroid shots for his/her lungs in case you do have to deliver soon? In any case, try and relax -- you might just get a few more weeks with good care & monitoring. I hope this helps a little bit, believe me, I do understand the anxiety. Keep us posted!


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Graham 1/6/92
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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby kfreeman » Wed Jan 17, 637342 6:21 am

Hi April,

I'm sorry that you are worried, but maybe my story will help ease your mind. My little boy Andrew, who is going to be 14 on the 18th was born at 32 weeks. He weighed 3lbs 5oz and was 21 inches long. He was born with no complications and stayed in NICU for 24 days until he could maintain the requirements to go home. Andrew came home on Mothers Day, my best one ever. He has only had normal colds and one ear infection since his birth. He is very healthy at 5'2", weighing 140lbs and a 10 1/2 shoe size you would never know that he was a premi. He would kill me for telling you all that. [:D]

My BP was up sky high so we had to deliver him and I was not ready and was scared, but I knew that my baby would be just fine. Think positive thoughts and try not to worry, I know easier said than done. You will be in my thoughts.

Kim (38)
Jeff (45)
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Mom to:
Andrew 4-18-91 @ 32 weeks
Justin 12-26-04 Stillborn @ 24 weeks

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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby denise » Wed Jan 17, 637342 6:13 am

Oh April, I am so sorry to hear PE is rearing it's ugly head with this pg. I wish you many more weeks of baby cooking! Keeping you in my thoughts.

Denise (29) Co-coordinator for WI
Jason (32)
Ariana (22 months)5/3/03-just shy of 35 weeks: Class 1 HELLP

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Re : Things are not going to great(UPDATE)

Postby samsmom » Wed Jan 17, 637342 5:46 am

Hi April,
I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. You seem to be doing everything right and being closely monitered by your doctor is a relief. My son was born at 35 weeks and besides being 3lbs 14oz he was absolutely fine. No oxygen needed or any other problems. If you do end up delivering early I'm sure your baby will be OK. Good luck with everything and my thoughts are with you.


April 1/02 - Samuel Christopher (del at 35 weeks due to PE. bedrest at 26 weeks)

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