Little Malcolm is here

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby sandy » Tue Mar 27, 637342 2:24 pm

HEY!! It's raining babies.



DD c-section at 35 wks/1 day June '03 due to superimposed severe PE/class III HELLP Syndrome

DD repeat c-section at 37 weeks/4 days March '05 due to high blood pressure

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby denise » Sun Mar 04, 637342 9:00 pm

Congrats! Glad to hear Malcolm is well and so are you. That is awesome you had a PE free pg!!

Denise (29) Co-coordinator for WI
Jason (32)
Ariana (22 months)5/3/03-just shy of 35 weeks: Class 1 HELLP

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby 5thtymachrm » Sun Mar 04, 637342 8:38 pm

Danae- OH I am so very happy for you both! What a wonderful weight and koodo's to you for a natural birth! WOW

Indigo E. 11/20/03 csec,PE,IUGR,chronic HBP,hypothyroid,asthma,HG,33wks on BR. 5 m/c's;
baby-pea edd: 9/12/05

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby fiona » Sat Mar 03, 637342 11:57 pm

Excellent news - pe free and a healthy baby boy! Many congratulations.

dh Tom
ds Nate 12/8/97 - 14/8/97 26 weeks severe pre-e IUGR 1lb
ds Jay 4/11/98 30 weeks pre-e 3lbs 11 oz
no 3 due 15/6/05

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby april » Sat Mar 03, 637342 11:20 pm


I am so happy for you!!!! Congratulations! I am so glad that Malcom is doing well.[:D][:D]

dd-Natalie 3/10/04(pasted away after 1 hr.) induced labor at 23wks and 5 days due to severe PE/HELLP


mikeys mom
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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby mikeys mom » Sat Mar 03, 637342 8:09 pm

Congratulations on your baby boy!

It is really great to hear a PE free pregnancy!

Mikey 12-29-02 29weeks 6 days pre-e & Hellp
Baby 2 edd (Somewhere between July 28 and August 6)

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby meljoi » Sat Mar 03, 637342 9:22 am

YAY another PE free pregnancy!!!!
welcome Malcolm!

Melissa Joi 32
DH Jeremy 43
mama to Peyton John 12/04/00 (severe pre-e @ 38wks)
Lucy Isabelle born 11/16/04-normal, healthy pregnancy!

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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby brittani » Tue Feb 20, 637342 6:06 pm

Oh Denae I am so happy for you. You know that you are truly an inspiration for me. I wish you all the best.


Brittani (29)
husband Jeff (28)
Andrew (6) born @33 weeks due to severe pe 11/03/97
Connor stillborn @23weeks due to severe pe and end diastolic flow
Pregnant Again!!! due 11/6/05 (I'll take anything in the month of October!)

for faith
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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby for faith » Tue Feb 20, 637342 9:03 am

Danae - I am so, so happy for you!!!!! Congrats, wishing you the best!!! Can't wait to see a picture!!!!

mommy to:
Tyler - 4/7/00 (36wks, PIH/PE))
Angel baby - 1/20/03 (11 wks)
Faith Kristine - 1/5/04-1/30/04 (30wks due to severe PE/elevated liver enzymes, passed due to NEC/Sepsis (preemie complications))
OUR LITTLE MIRACLE due 6/5/05 it's a boy!!!!(c-section end of May, but miracle if I make it that far)

trying for #2 to share our lives with since 09/02

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julie f
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Re : Little Malcolm is here

Postby julie f » Tue Feb 20, 637342 7:19 am

Oh my gosh Danae, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!! I can't wait till Dh gets home so I can tell him the great news!!! Oh, I am so excited for you and so thankful that all turned out well, what an answer to so many prayers!!!

For photosharing, I've found that the easiest for me is .

Congrats again, I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Julie (28)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

Jackson Charles 01/24/05, 36wks 6dys - NO PE!!

Southern California Coordinator

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