Just a little update

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : Just a little update

Postby ekc » Mon Apr 30, 637342 11:53 am

Great news! Good luck to you holding off until week 38!!!

Erinn (26)

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Re : Just a little update

Postby mada » Mon Apr 30, 637342 9:26 am

That is such great news April...Hang in there and have some good resting time....Julie is right....get your rest now because once the abby is here you can forget about it!!!

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Re : Just a little update

Postby dja » Fri Apr 20, 637342 2:56 pm

Hi April - glad to hear the better news. I hope you can get those few more weeks. Isn't amazing to be so very close to full term?

Mom to Amelia, b/d 03/19/04 @ 21 weeks/5 days due to severe PE with elevated liver enzymes

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meg hanrahan
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Re : Just a little update

Postby meg hanrahan » Tue Mar 27, 637342 3:05 am

April - I am so glad that your levels have returned to "normal". Keep those feet up and DH waiting on you! Only a few more weeks to go - trust me, they will fly by. Next thing you know you'll be knee deep in laundry, dirty diapers, and a beautiful little baby!

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Re : Just a little update

Postby annes » Tue Mar 27, 637342 3:00 am

April, I am so glad to hear that things have calmed down for you. I've followed your pregnancy with interest from the beginning, and no one can accuse you of having an easy one! I hope these last few weeks are quiet and peaceful for you and dh.

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julie f
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Re : Just a little update

Postby julie f » Mon Mar 26, 637342 8:38 pm

April - great news!! I'm so excited that you're still chugging along! Like T said, rest now - I never believed people when they said you'd have no time for sleep after baby comes... I was so mistaken...!

Julie (28)
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Re : Just a little update

Postby megansmom » Mon Mar 26, 637342 5:45 pm

What wonderful news! Keep those feet up and that baby cooking! I hope you having a very uneventful 5 weeks before your little one arrives!

Mama to Megan, severe PE with mild HELLP at 34 wks

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Re : Just a little update

Postby denise » Sun Mar 04, 637342 9:02 pm

That is fantastic news April!! Hoping you can get in as many of those last 5 weeks as possible.

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Re : Just a little update

Postby 5thtymachrm » Sun Mar 04, 637342 8:36 pm

Great news!! I am so very happy things are calming down for you :o) I am praying for you to stretch to 38wks!!!

Indigo E. 11/20/03 csec,PE,IUGR,chronic HBP,hypothyroid,asthma,HG,33wks on BR. 5 m/c's;
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Re : Just a little update

Postby sonja » Sun Mar 04, 637342 10:32 am

Wonderful - continue to let us do any worrying for you and you just concentrate on your little one. Here is to 5 more wonderful weeks for you....


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