Finding Hope........

Are you worried about your partners pregnancy? Has your partner already had preeclampsia? Do you have advice for other dads who could be going through similar experiences as yourself? Post here!
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Re : Finding Hope........

Postby sarab » Wed Jan 10, 2007 08:12 pm

I am so sorry to read of you and your wife's situation. Is your wife hospitalized right now? I'm sorry that it is looking like your baby may not make it. You mentioned hoping to make it to 28 weeks - what are her docs thinking the chances of that are?

Please ask any questions you may have, and keep us updated when you have a minute. You, your wife, and your sweet baby will be in my prayers.

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Finding Hope........

Postby aavam » Wed Jan 10, 2007 07:50 pm

Preeclamsia and 24th week of pregnancy

My wife started her 24th week of preganancy today. She had controlled BP before the pregnancy started and during the start of her 23rd week her BP gone as high as 130/210 which eventually brought down to 90/140 and had been fluctuating 90-100/140-150. Two days ago 24 hour urine test result showed arounf 350 grams of protein. Now Beside everything else is going good so far. My wife is feeling good and no hedaches or any other pain or swelling. Ultrasound also showed baby's growth is slow and less then 500 grams. We have been told that any day the doctors are going to terminate the pregnancy and since the fetus is less then 500 grams it is not vaible or will not survive. We are hoping to reaching atleast the end of 28th week and have this baby. Mom and baby are the stars of my life.
Thank you very much for your support and suggestions...

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