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Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 08:06 pm
by caryn
Sid, any news? How are your wife and baby?

There are indications for immediate delivery in this disease regardless of gestational age, because either mom or baby cannot tolerate being pregnant any longer. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of a top-notch medical team, the only option is delivery -- the mother will begin to seize, her liver will rupture, blood will stop flowing to the baby and its only chance of survival will be in a NICU, etc.

I hope to hear that her situation is not so catastrophic. Please keep us posted as you have the opportunity.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 07:52 pm
by pplbutterfly_baby
i was in my 30th week of pregnancy(im 32 now) when i found out i have preeclampsia. my BP was 150-160 over something(cant remember) and i had about 300mg of protien in my urine. my son also has a heart arithmia and it makes his heartrate speed up to almost 300 and then lower to like 50. My doctors are monitoring very closely and they arent trying to deliver early if not needed. i know that i would be scared in her position especially since the doctors are talking about terminating the pregnancy. I believe that anything before 28 weeks they wont even try to keep alive if the baby is born. I dont understand why they are wanting to terminate. Is it the high BP or because of how small the baby is? either way i would see if there are any other options. see if you can prolong the pregnancy for as long as possible and see about steroids. my doctor is giving me steroid shots to help the baby develop faster and maybe it would work for your baby as well. I dont know that much but that is what i would do in your situation. i will keep you and your family in my prayers and remember that God wont make you go through anything that you cant handle and that there is always a reason for what is going on.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 04:35 pm
by annegarrett
I know there are excellent hypertension in pregnancy at the University of British Columbia. If your doctor needs someone from our medical team to talk with--email me and I will put you in touch with them. Wishing you one more day, every day for the next few weeks. Sadly, we have too many members who know just where you are. Irregardless of what happens--consider this a safe place for support. I am glad that she is stable in the hospital and that you are getting the best possible care. Write me or any of us anytime. We are also available for phone support. Call our 800-665-9341 number and they will forward you to the support staff on-call.

Take care and thinking of you...

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 04:31 pm
by gordon k

I am encouraged to hear that you had such a detailed conversation with your wife's healthcare provider. Your role at this time really is trying to be your wife's advocate, trying to keep her as calm as possible, and making sure that you've gathered enough information to make the most informed decisions that you can. It really does sound like you're right on track so, keep doing what you're doing. Stay strong and stay informed.

I will pray that time moves a little faster for you. God Bless.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 02:32 pm
by for faith
Sid - Sending my prayers for your wife and baby and you. Glad to hear you have good care. Praying that all will go well.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 02:25 pm
by aavam
Thank You very much for the kind words, support and prayers.

Today we had a detailed discussion with Doc and she explained lots of things in detail (good and bad). She thinks that her BP is OK for now but a bit concerned with placenta blood flow as well as her blood and urine test results. Although the results are ok for now and they will continue to monitor the situation. She is perinatologist and will seek second opionion for our situation as well. Thats where we stand, taking one day at a time and praying and hoping the best. Sometimes the time doesn't run that fast as it suppose to. Again thank you all very much and will keep you posted.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:34 pm
by kara
Sending prayers for a safe and prolonged pregnancy. And just to add that we have a handful of members with 26 week babies who were all around the 1pound mark at birth and are active and healthy kids today. So, if for your wife's sake they have to take the baby, there is possibility that baby has a chance. Wishing you a few more weeks!

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 09:50 pm
by gordon k
Hello aavam and welcome to the forum. I wish it was with a slightly less stressful topic that you were seeking advice on but, nonetheless, good to have you join us.

I guess I'd probably need a few more pieces of information to offer specific advice or suggestions, such as:

-How comfortable are you with your current medical team and the care that they are providing; are they experts in this field (perinatology, or more specifically, hypertension in pregnancy); have they clearly answered all your questions and alleviated your fears historically.

-Is it possible to seek a second opinion.

Termination, for myself and my wife, would always be the last possible option. But, it may be a truth, and necessary. However, since it is the last option I would make sure that both you and your wife are satisfied that all viable medical alternatives have been exhausted, and that you totally trust her medical team, literally, with your wife and your baby's lives.

My general suggestions would be:

-Talk to you current care provider about taking the baby to 28 weeks
-Ask your provider if they are consulting with a perinatologist (if they are NOT a perinatologist). If so, what is their recommendation?
-If you are still not comfortable with the answers you're receiving, get a second, or even third, opinion. Do your homework and find someone that you feel is qualified to help you make this decision.

Good luck and God Bless.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 09:48 pm
by fiona

I am terribly sorry to hear things are so bad right now. I wish I could offer you something positive to hold on to, but my own experience was similar and my son was born at 26 weeks weighing 525g. He lived for two days. I think that at such an early point in pregnancy, the IUGR (intra uterine growth retardation) which stops the baby from growing properly is very hard to overcome. However, preemies can and do surprise everyone every day, and there is always the chance that your baby will do that.

Have they given your wife steroid shots to give the baby's lungs their best chance?

Please come back to ask any questions or just to let us know how you are all doing. I remember feeling very alone lying in hospital hoping that somehow everything would work out. Please know that you and your wife have lots of support here.

Re : Finding Hope........

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 09:13 pm
by melissam
Please keep us posted. I am so sorry to hear about all of this. I had my baby at 24 weeks and she was MUCH less than 500 grams. Do they have her on Magnesium? Are her blood pressures stable for now?

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as will your wife and baby.