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How To Champion Your Wife's High Risk Pregnancy?

Are you worried about your partners pregnancy? Has your partner already had preeclampsia? Do you have advice for other dads who could be going through similar experiences as yourself? Post here!

Re : How To Champion Your Wife's High Risk Pregnancy?

Postby chadandsandra » Wed Jan 28, 2009 09:56 pm

by chadandsandra (5 Posts), Wed Jan 28, 2009 09:56 pm

Thanks Anne, and everyone for the great welcome. My wife, Sandra and I just got back from Ottawa 10 minutes ago.....and it wasn't the greatest drive. 15 centimeters of blowing snow in the dark. Ben lost a bit of weight the other night, although he is still hovering over the 5 pound mark. He was having a bit of trouble breathing today so they did an xray and found water on his lungs. He was given lasix.

My wife finds it hard sometimes having to go to Ottawa alone when I am working, but we have met a few friends within the NICU, all with different situations. It can be hard being at a learning hospital when they constantly rotate staff and students, and as has been put the experts don't always know what to do.

The other frustrating thing can be having staff tell you that he is coming home in a few days, such as we were told ( that he was coming home this coming Saturday ) and then turn around the next day saying not for a couple weeks. It is hard when your hopes are up and down such as they have been.

This experience has definitely and will continue to be an amazing learning adventure. We want to be able to be there for others suffering through the same.
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