a dad to be but never happened

Are you worried about your partners pregnancy? Has your partner already had preeclampsia? Do you have advice for other dads who could be going through similar experiences as yourself? Post here!
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Re: a dad to be but never happened

Postby kmvb2 » Sun Sep 14, 640504 5:41 pm

tell her to begin low dose aspirin right away, even before she conceives, and keep it up until after delivery. Also take calcium suppliments. I was given this advice by a perinatologist AND a high-risk obgyn. It can prevent or lessen the preeclampsia.

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Re: a dad to be but never happened

Postby KetchupSpud » Thu Oct 28, 640219 10:23 pm

I'm no medical expert, but I've read that heparin is cheaper and some doctors will switch to that instead. I think it's two shots/day, though, but it may at least be worth asking your doctor. Good luck!
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Re: a dad to be but never happened

Postby asdf » Mon Oct 18, 640219 1:39 am

my wife and I lost our son, Declan Padraig Shea on Dec 21st last year at 31 weeks. We are now pregnat again, by the grace of God, and our Dr. has her on Lovenox. I inject her everyday. The issue is, our insurance only covers 50% and it is around 1600 a month, us spending 800 of that. We have already paid ove 1200. Does anyone know if I can buy it for less?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re : a dad to be but never happened

Postby sarab » Thu Sep 30, 638945 1:00 pm

Alvin, I am going to encourage our Dads who have any words of solace or advice to post on your other thread, found here:


Anyone following this thread in the future can find all the replies in one tidy place.

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a dad to be but never happened

Postby don_alvin » Mon Sep 20, 638945 7:30 am

A shocking bp of 180/100 for the first time. It is our scheduled pre-natal check-up on Sept23. Her expected delivery supposedly is on October 10, 2010. As a new parent, excitement is undeniable. Very well cared, check-ups, foods and etc with all the preparations..The baby still kicked 3x, but sad to say, our first child who is a baby boy died in her mother's womb before my wife entered to the ultrasound room of the hospital. My wife did not feel something wrong...No aches, no swelling.All she knew the night before it happened, she noticed the baby is not moving routinely compared previously. My wife suffered severe pre-eclampsia with oligohydramnious abruptly last Sept. 23, 2010. After failure of inducing the baby on that day, a ceasarian operation was done on Sept 24 to get the baby. We are still in the healing process as of the moment.
In God's time, we really want to have another baby to complete our parenthood. Btw, we are both 33 years of age residing here in the Philippines. But we have fear this dilemma might happen again...Can anyone help us? When is the right time (grace period) to have a possible baby? What are the precautions? Can my wife still be pregnant again? Will it happen again?

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