pre-eclampsia worries (m)

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Re : pre-eclampsia worries (m)

Postby annegarrett » Fri Sep 05, 2003 01:16 am

Hi Rose.

First of all--the doctors we work with say that "white coat hypertension" (getting your BP up because you are anxious) is a myth. IF it is up--it is up. The BP should be relatively stable and only the top number and the pulse will rise when stressed whereas the bottom number SHOULD hold. IF it is flexing around then that suggests a lability that is worrisome. Any proteinuria is also worrisome and definitely--after 20 weeks--you can get "preeclampsia". Also, your previous MC puts you in a higher risk because there is a belief that whatever caused that will contribute to this. SO, this is to say that you are right to be aware and to be seeing a high risk specialist. Where in Australia are you? I know a couple great ones there if you know names or need them. (My son spent a bit in Lofty Hills near Adelaide). ANYWAY, it sounds like you might be "trying" to get preeclampsia and are not necessarily there but that could happen. If they gave you pills--did they put you ON pills or did they give you a diuretic to reduce the water in your system? Check out our signs and symptoms page and definitely go straight in if you see stars or if you get some of the other more worrisome signs. Definitely see the peri. Hopefully you will just hold at this rate. DON'T beat yourself up about causing this by worrying. That is just not possible. This is a placental disease/syndrome that cannot be caused by diet, stress, exercise, the best of our knowledge. It may be "accelerated, or slowed" by those things so do try to enjoy your pregnancy and know that you are doing everything right and you are getting high risk care shortly.

The anxiety you feel may actually be physiological--because your racing pulse is signalling your brain that something is worrisome--and so you feel anxious but aren't sure why. It may mean your pulse is up due to the disease.

Let us know what happens at the appointment and how you are.

Take care,


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pre-eclampsia worries (m)

Postby aussiegal66 » Thu Sep 04, 2003 08:34 pm

A little insight of me. My BP is always high especially in the docs office 140-150/80. Last pregnancy that ended in an early m/c I was seen by a high risk Ob because of this and put on a 24hrs monitor (he did not seem too concerned. I am now currently nearly 25 weeks pregnant with number one. I am stressing over everything way too much and I hope this is why my BP is raised. When I went for my normal Ob visit last week my Bp was 195/90 so he has put me on pills. The next day I went for a check at the docs at work and it was 178/90 they also did a urine sample which was my first and it came back at a trace to a + just of protein. But it also showed that I was de-hydrated at I don't drink enough and they thought this would probably be the reason why. I was told to call my Ob the tell him of the findings and he did not seem at all concerned. The only swelling that I have is first up in the mornings in my fingers and hands and this only lasts for about 1/2 hr then all is ok until the next morning, by Ob was not concerned about this either. i even went to my own Gp and he said that it is too early for pre-eclampsia but this is not what I am reading here. I do get my brother to check my BP at least once a week and it was been 135-145/80-85 which is about right for me. I am just worried sick, I do see a high risk doc next week, but no one seems concerned apart from me - what do you think.


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