Underlying problems?

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Re : Underlying problems?

Postby expert on call » Fri May 23, 2003 04:11 pm

I am not fully aware of any relationship between cord insertion and preeclampsia but our obstetrician colleagues may be aware of one.

Concerning HELLP and preeclampsia: Some believe HELLP is a severe form of preeclampsia, while others suggest they may be separate entities. The first occasionally presents without apparent hypertension. Then there are forms of HELLP and another pregnancy specific liver disorder called acute fatty liver of pregnancy, which is associated with a genetic enzyme deficiency,usually occurring when both the mother and father are each carriers. Finally, HELLP may reoccur in subsequent pregnancies but usually does not, and while both enzyme and platelet values rarely improve during hospitalization (or with rest as here) such observations are sporadically seen.

In most, the disease is progressive and sometimes rapidly, one reason why many physicians do not temporize but terminate when they see HELLP developing and enzymes and platelets have changed beyond their comfort value for patients well-being.

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Underlying problems?

Postby hellpful_me » Tue Mar 04, 2003 07:37 am

Is there any link between Preeclampsia/Hellp Syndrome and umbilical cord insertion abnormalities?

A little history: I had pre-e and hellp in my first pg which resulted in a placental abruption and the stillbirth of my son. The med. records state there was marginal insertion of the cord. I miscarried the next baby at just a few weeks. I had elevated liver enzymes and falling platelets with my 3rd pg. With early detection (20wks) and bedrest it disappeared within a month. Immediately following my son's birth the umbilical cord detached from the placenta and we found out that there was only a velamentous insertion of the cord. Thank God it didn't detach during or before labor.

I've read up on cord insertion abnormalities. From what I've read, these are flukes and statistically shouldn't have happened more than once. So why haven't I ever had a pg with normal cord insertion? Can it be linked to hellp syndrome or a common underlying condition?

I plan to discuss this with my Dr at my next pap exam, so there more information I can get beforehand, the better.

Thank you in advance,

Matthew-stillborn @30wks
Ben-Hellp survivor

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