Link between Pre-E and GD

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Re : Link between Pre-E and GD

Postby expert on call » Tue Sep 19, 637015 4:05 am

There is a very strong association between preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. This is mediated through a insulin resistance where the body requires more insulin secreted from the pancreas to achieve the sam effect on lowering blood sugar. As you age, your pancreas is less able to secrete insulin and blood sugars rise. If you gain weight, insulin becomes less effective.

The issue of same partner is probably not true. Women who have a new partner have longer intervals between pregnancies. (They had ended one relationship and started another). When one controls for aging between pregnancies, the effect of a new partner is lost.

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Link between Pre-E and GD

Postby ariannas » Tue Sep 19, 636733 3:21 pm

Hi, can anyone tell me if having pre-e in a previous pregnancy puts you at a higher risk for gestational diabetes in future pregnancies?

Has anyone heard of this link before? I could've sworn I read this somewhere, but I can't remember where. It could also be my pg mind playing tricks on me.

Also, is true that you are less likely to get pre-e again if you are with the same partner? I have had 4 different docs tell me this.


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