Kaleidoscope type Vision

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Re : Kaleidoscope type Vision

Postby expert on call » Sun Apr 13, 2003 10:12 pm

Vision changes can happen for a variety of reasons in pregnancy. Preeclampsia is just one of the reasons. It is unlikely that you have preeclampsia with a normal blood pressure and no protein in the urine. However, the vision changes could be the start of another neurologic problem, such as a migraine. If the problem persists or becomes much worse, let your doctor know about it during an attack, so that you can be evaluated.

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Kaleidoscope type Vision

Postby angela demoore » Sun Apr 06, 2003 03:27 pm

Yesterday morning I experienced a Kaleidoscope vision in my right side of sight for the first time, it lasted for a good half hour before ceasing. A couple of hours later, it started in my left side of sight, after which half an hour ceased again. It came coupled with a strange headache eyebrow height.
I am in my 35th week of gestation, with first child. I have been under quite a hefty workload of late and wondered if it could be just due to stress.
The vision is ok directly in front, everything to one side is moving.
I experienced this yet again this morning on my right side of sight, and have the same kind of headache across the eyebrows.
My last prenatal was Tuesday just gone, bp of 110 over 62 and no protein.
Amything to worry about? Or could it just be stress?

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