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Re : epigastric pain, abnormal labs

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 01:33 pm
Your personal history of eclampsia certainly gives you a valuable basis for evaluating your daughter. Her symptoms of RUQ pain and seeing stars are concerning. Her proteinuria is not very very high at 122. The liver function tests are not yet very elevated.

I would not be seriously concerned at this point, but I would continue to be very watchful and involved.

epigastric pain, abnormal labs

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 01:32 pm
Thank you for reading my question. I little history. Almost 21 years ago, I showed some symptoms of preeclampsia during my first pregnancy, swelling and seeing "stars". My doctor never was concerned of these symptoms. I slept through labor until time to push. At delivery, I was out of it and unable to push. With nurses behind my shoulders pulling and the doctor using forceps I somehow gave birth to a 9 lb 5 oz baby girl. After delivery I had seizures, super high blood pressure, double vision, etc. I was eclamptic. My second pregnancy was symptom free.
Now for my question. My 20 year old daughter is 37 weeks pregnant and in the care of a military OB office. Her first symptom and the one I'm most concerned and confused about is a very painful mass protruding out from under her ribs on her right side. She has felt this for approximately 3 months. She has told whoever was seeing her, doctor or nurse practitioner, that she thinks it is her liver and it is very painful. Their reply was something along the line of "I bet it is". She has swelling, her blood pressure has been elevating and she has seen "stars". They have ordered some labs the last couple weeks and they are getting worse. Her AST went from 28 to 44, ALT 56 to 76, alk phos 192 to 206 in the last week. Her protein was at 122 a week ago but they did not repeat it with the other labs. Unfortunately the office sounds very unorganized because her lab results are never in her chart and these symptoms she tells them about each time don't seem to be written in her chart either. It always seems to be new news to them. She is not happy with her care and neither am I. Please tell me in your opinion if this is as serious as I think it is. I was looking over your website and read about the ruq pain. I've never heard that to be related to preeclampsia before. Since she told me her lab values today I have been a nervous wreck. She lives 12 hours away and I just really want to be with her right now. I know I'm more anxious about it because of what happened to me. Thank you for you time and aknowledgement in advance and I'm sorry it's a bit long. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks again.