About the Ask The Experts forum -- PLEASE READ

Do you have a burning question you just have to ask our Medical Board Experts about hypertensive pregnancies? Please email your question to expert@preeclampsia.org Keep in mind, however, that we won't be able to answer every question and our docs can't offer medical advice and won't be able to comment on specific medical cases.
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About the Ask The Experts forum -- PLEASE READ

Postby expert@preeclampsia.org » Sun Nov 12, 2006 08:45 am

Welcome to the Ask The Experts Forum!

We are lucky enough to have several researchers in topics related to pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome who are willing to answer general questions about hypertensive pregnancies for our forum members. These diseases are so complex and confusing; we know that knowledge literally saves lives. Ask The Expert is a free service and the answers are from some of the top specialists in the field who are volunteering their time to answer these questions.

Our hope is that this database of answers will help all of us to understand more about how these diseases progress, which will make it easier for us to ask good questions of our caregivers. When in doubt--contact your own health care professionals. It is important to be able to speak freely with your health care provider. Most importantly, you should never wait until your question is answered to seek medical care. The Experts answer these questions in the time they have available around their busy schedules as practicing clinicians and researchers.

Past Experts answers are searchable within this forum; please check first to see if a question similar to yours has been answered. Not all questions will be answered by our Experts; in particular, general questions that have already been answered by our Experts ("What are my chances of getting it again?") will not be answered again.

Once you have checked the database, if your question has not been answered to your satisfaction, please email your question to expert@preeclampsia.org

Please be assured that we have recieved your question. We must reiterate that not all questions can be answered, but we will email you if your question and an answer from an Expert are posted, so please ensure that you have a valid, working email with which we can contact you.

General guidelines for question-writing:

1) Ask an answerable question.
There is no way for anyone to tell you if you personally will develop PE in week 36 in a subsequent pregnancy. But the Experts can tell you all sorts of stuff about baseline 24-hour urine tests or autoimmune risk factors.

2) Give enough background information.
If you've scored high bp but no protein yet, and you're in week 32, with a family history of PE, say so.

3) Run it past a moderator first if you'd like feedback.
The moderators of the Preeclampsia Foundation forums may know that a question similar to yours has already been answered. They can also help you edit, so that it's more likely to be the sort of question the Experts can actually answer.

Our Experts cannot, of course, take the place of consults with your medical team. Your medical care should never be delayed pending an answer, nor should you make decisions based solely upon the Experts' answers. Our Experts are not providing medical advice; they are providing education about hypertensive pregnancies.

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