Research on Gestational PIH

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Re : Research on Gestational PIH

Postby annegarrett » Sat May 10, 2003 08:45 pm

It may take a week to get the real expert's response but in the meantime--wanted to let you know that the criteria for gestational hypertension (aka PIH) is hypertension (140/90+ or a verifiable rise in the baseline of 30 systolic and 15 diastolic since pregnancy)BEFORE 20 weeks gestation and without proteinuria. About half these women will go on to develop "preeclampsia" (meaning they get proteinuria.

MgSO4 is used to prevent and treat seizures and is not likely to be used unless you are in crisis. It is an IV drug (they can give it by shot but it is a lot of medicine and would really hurt...) so not something you take orally.

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Research on Gestational PIH

Postby heidi_adams » Sat May 10, 2003 01:04 pm

I was wondering if you could tell me where to find or any research articles on Gestational PIH. I am interested in the criteria for classifying people with gestational PIH specifically and what the planned treatment is...if they only have the high blood pressure, will they still go on drugs like MgSO4? (which we use at our hospital), do they have just as likely a chance to have a seizure?

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